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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Any news about the 2014 exclusive range perfume?

    I've tested L'Orpheline a few times, and it's a great scent! Incense, patchouli, cumin, musk, sandalwood, smoke, pepper, and a slight powderiness. Dark green, musky, spicy, and smokey incense. Slightly masculine imo. Think along the lines of Serge Noir & Fille en Aiguilles, but this has a retro powdery slightly feminine drydown. Seems to be a little weak. Not as strong as the 2 aforementioned fragrances. Very nice scent!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Any news about the 2014 exclusive range perfume?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheatstraw2 View Post
    I wore L'Incendiaire a couple of days ago. There's real oud in there. It's nice, maybe even beautiful.
    It's very nice indeed. Got a chance to try it also recently.
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Any news about the 2014 exclusive range perfume?

    I got my sample of L'Orpheline. I like it a great deal. It has lovely top notes which really engaged me, and which I realised reminded me of something. So, to me it opens with a slightly minty geranium note which is like a gentler, less obvious, version of the central accord in Geranium Pour Monsieur. ( I think that I have seen someone else say that they found that too). Then there is what smells to me like lots of modern synthetic woody notes and a very clean musk in the end. It has a cool and open structure. It's floaty in the way that iso e super is floaty but I'm not saying that it smells like iso e. I'm really looking forward to hearing what people make of this. It's not your spicy, resinous, solidly grounded Luten's. It's ethereal. I wouldn't say that it is androgynous, rather it is both masculine and feminine. If you know what I mean? I think I do.
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens - Any news about the 2014 exclusive range perfume?

    Any more thoughts on L'Orpheline? I can't WAIT to smell it.
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