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    Default Re: Ultimate Seduction - Brand New Extrait De Parfum by LM Parfums !!

    I wore it late last night. I found a strong resemblance (albeit a bit better) to Paco Black XS. It is a little less sweet and quite orangey, but I found them somewhat similar. Like a mix between Fusion Sacree and Black XS, with some nice orange notes mixed in. However, while I found it quite superior to Black XS (which I happen to like), the longevity was not anywhere near Black XS.

    Overall, pretty nice - certainly worth a look if you like sweet gourmand scents. 7/10.
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    Default Re: Ultimate Seduction - Brand New Extrait De Parfum by LM Parfums !!

    Wore this as my SotD and the longevity is superb IMO. Put it on at 0700 this morning and I can still detect it when I move 10.5 hours later. The projection is not so good though, very quickly becomes a skin scent within 2 hours but this was my experience with Hard Leather as well. This smells strikingly similar to Joe Malone English Pear and Freesia body cream to my nose. It is somewhat feminine but certainly still wearable by a man. If you are comfortable wearing Dior Homme, you should have no reservations about wearing this. I don't think I will be purchasing a FB after my decant runs out but I am satisfied with my purchase overall.
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    Default Re: Ultimate Seduction - Brand New Extrait De Parfum by LM Parfums !!

    I sprayed it under my shirt, so I can't exactly be detailed, but what I smell reminds me a lot of Etat Libre d'Orange's La Fin du Monde.
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    Default Re: Ultimate Seduction - Brand New Extrait De Parfum by LM Parfums !!

    I am struggling to describe this; fruty in the opening, for sure. Some deep woods come in and out, the flowers and fruit mix together in the to notes. The rest, I don't know how to put into words yet, but I have reached for this about 6 or 7 times in the few weeks I have had it; I just really like it. I am also getting at least 12 hours without needing to smell myself consciously.
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