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    Question FUEGUIA: your views....

    They all seem pretty thin on sillage and duration...your experiences?
    Do you own any??
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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    Don't own any but Luckyscent once sent me a boatload (about 15) of free samples from this house. None were memorable for me. Wound up giving them all away. Just my experience.
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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    I like this house, I think it is generally underrated. Some of theirs scents have a peculiar earthy/natural feel I rarely get elsewhere. And I also like their approach - couldn't believe when they came out with that Borges-inspired collection, since he is one of my favourite writers. Biblioteca de Babel, Ballena de la Pampa and Caoba are great scents for me, I find them well-made and fascinating in their own "different" way. I have been testing their scents lately - I do not own any but a shop near here does stock some...
    Must agree on the thin persistence however, but I am used to that with many other scents.

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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    thank you all for your precious input !
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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....


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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    Quote Originally Posted by thebeck View Post
    Agreed. I found them to be mediocre at best.

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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    Fueguia 1833 is a very original and fresh naturalistic perfume line. It has an ethnic tone in that the ingredients are unfamiliar notes, native to South America and give the line a unique take on things. I'm not surprised that the reception of it is poor because there are some hard to get over issues with Fueguia. They are too expensive. Probably a little much for what you get. The South American plant ingredients which are processed by Julian Bedel are not familiar to outsiders although they are not totally unique essences. The varieties are not derivative of standard kinds of perfumes that we are used to smelling with a few exceptions. There are not many reference points for these scents making them hard to comprehend in some cases. But, these negatives aside, I have attempted to crack this line and have found an appreciation for a few that I really like - have no regrets at all. I recommend it for the adventuresome. There is a fresh sharp green tone that is an often repeated note, a house note of sorts, that I find invigorating. There is a good blending of 3 - 4 complimentary and contrasting notes in each composition that usually works well.

    These are some I own and recommend: Horneos - a complex green cedar and vetiver scent. Very fresh and long lasting. Ballena de La Pampa is green grasses layered over ambergris. It is sharp and cool and warming at the same time. Julian Bedel, the owner, lists Ballena de La Pampa as one of his favorite creations. Pulperia is my favorite and smells like a melange of organic fruits, vegetables and plant materials - a farmers market in a bottle. Others in the line I recommend are: Darwin oceanic woods and citrus, Xocoati - smokey rum, cocoa gourmand, Malena - magnolia and blackberry musk.

    This is a hard to get into line, expensive, with too much variety to comprehend easily. But if you take the time to really get into the varieties, it will reward you with unique hidden gems of excellent quality. Quite a naturalistic campaign through the South American back country . I recommend it, but with some reservations.
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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    My review about Caoba (my first approach with Fueguia):

    I don't know what to think about this fragrance, really, just know that I like it. Shocking citric/herbal/rooty/spicy/tobacco aromatic opening a la Aramis Havana, really compelling and close to the Aramis one's opening, at least under my profane nose. I detect indeed the humid tobacco touch and a huge amount of vegetal/earthy patterns from the forest. It seems to feel a faint boozy touch (may be in my suggestion) but what goes on as a dominant feel is an incredibly realistic austere humid agrestic/herbal/woody undertone. A cedary type of ancient woodiness is detectable till the end. Woody fluidity and following resinous/ambery full-bodiedness rotate along the way. Probably juniper berries, coriander, pepper, patchouli, labdanum, a touch of frankincense, cinnamon, birch tar, smoked woods, neroli and further manage to co-operate in order to unfold an exotic realistic and naturalistic piece of "millenary" natural virility. I detect a weird Havana's initial humid/boisterous approach enriched by velvety suede, more powerful woodiness, dark cocoa and probably resins. The dark cocoa dry intervention manages to afford a misty bitter aftertaste while a fluidy woodiness plus resins and carnal ambergris master the "long trail" dry down. Really great aroma. Really just patchouli, cacao and ambergris are the elements of this gem? I don't think so since Fueguia Caoba is clearly a far more complex concoction. The deep dry down is deeply cedary and ambery under my nose and it seems something resinous keeps rising in perception. I have to say that my first "encounter" with this mysterious brand is absolutely satisfactory. The final trail is deeply woody, vegetal and slightly ambery/resinous in a way an ideal mix of Armani Eau de Nuit, Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme, Voyage en Arabie Black Mancera and Tiziana Terenzi Ecstasy jumps on mind.
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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    I wanted to like them much more than I did. Ballena de la Pampa was the only real standout style-wise, and I did find them all to be a tad gaunt. Great concepts, great packaging, and I'd still suggest exploring the line if you can, but overall they were a letdown for me.

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    Default Re: FUEGUIA: your views....

    It is interesting BNoters claiming lack of longevity and sillage from Fueguia's scents, in my case all of the ones I have are really strong to the point I have to apply them with care.

    The ones I like best are Beagle (oak, rum and gunpowder), Caoba (patch, cocoa and ambergris), Ballena de la Pampa (musk, hay and ambergris), Cándido Lopez (lignum vitae, rose and tobacco), Otro Poema de los Dones (buddha wood, agarwood and cedar from Misiones province), Juan Manuel de Rosas (centifolia rose, damask rose, pink pepper) and Quebracho (bergamot, incense, cade).

    Thays might be on the soft spot, it is a very particular "green" blend done around osmanthus, green tea and mate. It is an odd scent that wearers don't perceive but those around them will.

    I have Xocoatle and found it not to my liking, at all. I get an unbalanced blend, cocoa turned awry, acidic I'd say.

    They all share a character which, IMHO, might be due to the presence of an aromachemical, a sort of gooey sensation that I assume is the reason why their blends stick so tenaciously to my skin. To some extent it reminds me of what I got from scents from Eau D'Italie; albeit different scents, they all share the same character (maybe a sign of the nose's efforts in getting some sort of effect).

    Rest assure I like them - at local prices: they are along the price point (cheaper in the case of 30ml EdT) of fragrances marketed under global designer brands. In these terms, their offers are quite original compared to mainstream scents, however, with such an extensive amount of fragrances in their catalogue it is quite easy getting confused, plus the feeling that some of them share more than a family air - somehow a heaviness, the image of a really fatty tomato sauce comes to my mind: enjoyable, but heavy to the stomach. I guess they are a perfect fit for really cold winters.

    Now, if I were in the USA, at the prices being sold by Luckyscent, I'd look somewhere else before spending a hefty amount of money in an EdT or EdP.

    You won't get anything from ethereal from Fueguia.

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