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    I just noticed luckyscent has this house in stock now. There aren't a lot of reviews on them on this site. Has anyone sampled their scents or know if they have any standouts?

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    I have ordered samples of Shazam!, the Great Randello and Evil Max. I expect them soon in the post and will feedback here or as reviews.

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    Have to remember to request free samples of this house with my next order from Luckyscent.
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    Got my samples today; I have posted my review (FWIW) for Shazam! Long story short, thumbs up for this juniper / frankincense/ patchouli / amber Oriental.

    Just put in a quick smell review of The Great Randello - gourmand chypre. Awaiting approval.
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    I was sent 9 samples:

    Time to draw the raffle numbers
    Evil Max
    Sexiest scent on the planet
    Who knew
    Dark heart of Old Havana
    Kiss by the fireside
    Invisible Ben
    The great Randello

    Now I appreciate that this isn't very helpful but I cant quite remember specific thoughts on each but Evil Max and SSOTP stood out for me. I do remember that I started off liking Dark heart of old Havana but it became far to sweet.

    Happy to share the samples with anyone in the UK that wants a go with them

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    As a cycling fan, I'd really be interested in any info regarding the Bradley Wiggins inspired Time To Draw The Raffle Numbers.
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