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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    I'll echo the Shalimar suggestion, but it would be a tough daily wear as kumquat pointed out. Maybe one of the many vanillas by Comptoir Sud Pacifique.
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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Another vote for the variety pack from the Maison de la Vanille line (Vanille Noir du Mexique is a personal favorite), Demeter's Vanilla Cake Batter, L'Aromarine Vanille, and while I've heard varying things about its availability, Dolce & Gabanna Pour Femme (red cap, red fuzzy bottle) is a delicious vanilla-heavy option.

    Love getting the updates - Please keep us posted!
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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Thanks! I think I'm enjoying this whole process more than she is. Maybe someday she'll look back and laugh about how crazy dad went on a vanilla perfume mission for her LOL

    I'm ordering more samples today. I have a feeling that Irina is right, the cheaper and more straightforward options are probably more to her liking, especially given that she already loves that super cheap supermarket vanilla. Maybe I'll mix and match a bit between those and some of the better vanillas, I'd like her to at least start getting her nose acquainted to higher quality. Will let you all know which samples I end up picking up, and how she likes them! Thanks again, everyone, for all the help, very much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    I think you said you would, but I really hope you do keep all the samples you get for her to smell again in several months or a few years. She might be ready for one of them and interested when she has a formal dance or a big date, who knows -- or she might just get tired of plain vanilla (in the way teens do get tired of things they think they love sometimes, suddenly and for no particular reason, just because their brains grew) and remember her cool crazy dad's vanilla mission! Maybe you could keep them in a separate fancy box for her. You are an awesome dad, by the way.
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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Yes, absolutely I'm saving everything! In fact, whether she likes it or not, just the mere face that's she's smelling better compositions now could speed up her appreciation of them. But I'm saving all the samples regardless. And, thanks awesome is what I'm going for!

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Did anyone mention Farmacias SS Annunziata Vaniglia del Madagascar already? If not, I'll do it!

    The grown up version of Pink Sugar is Profumum Roma Acqua e Zucchero. Yummy!

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Clinique Happy is such a nice, safe, young scent. Hard to not like. They have a flanker, Happy In Bloom, which is quite nice.
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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    DSH Bourbon Vanilla is stunning, longevity is excellent and it's my cousins favorite. I bought it for her for her sweet sixteen and she gets compliments galore.
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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Update! I picked her up Demeter Vanilla Ice Cream and Vanilla Cake Batter... just two to see her reaction, she kinda liked ice cream but liked Cake Batter enough to keep it. Yes, a minor win! So, now motivated that I'm not completely barking up the wrong tree, on to the next round of samples

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Another recommendation for Molinard Vanille. I first bought it for my niece when she was fifteen. She LOVES it. I have given her other fragrances which she enjoys but she really adores this one. She is almost eighteen now. It is lovely on her. It seems so age appropriate. It's inexpensive too.

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Possets: Great Psychiatrist of Babylon. Best black vanilla on the planet!

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    +1 to Bulgari Black.

    This was the first bottle of perfume I bought for myself, when I was 20. Not particularly candied and sweet, but smells great, and the burnt rubber tpuch gives it some "cool." Then again, this may be the vanilla for the girl who lives in motorcycle boots.

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    Default Re: Vanilla (aka, help a single dad :)

    Al Rehab Choco Musk is all linear vanilla to me with a little hint of musk. Longevity is great for the roll-on and costs only 6$.
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