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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Well, thanks for the nice post/link. Although I have a bottle but have never worn it, still have not made up my mind about it, is bleu that bad or not?
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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    I wonder when the perfume industry will realise that banning or severely restricting all the good ingredients that once made decent perfumes only leads to articles such as this being written and eventually will strangle their own income. Bland ingredients = boring perfume in the main.

    There is the occasional artist who manages to magic the greys back into colours using them but it's an uphill struggle. Sign all the petitions you can see for freedom of choice for perfumers and consumers. The nanny state nets are closing on you as we read this thread.

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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    There's lots of great new ones, and also lots of great vintage ones that can still be found. The article rings true but I am completely enjoying myself with fragrances in the present :-)

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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by dougczar
    Personally, I think there is a LOT of really great stuff out there that has been made in the last 5 years. Maybe not stuff that you will find in Walmart however, which must be where it needs to be sold to be considered "mainstream"

    I think almost the entire Armani Prive line was excellent. Many of the Dior Exclusives are amazing (sadly, the best - Vetiver, has been discontinued), Tom Ford Private Blends (didn't Basenoters everywhere JUST go gaga over Sahara Noir? And Plum Japonais?), the new Zegna line (how many new threads about the new Haitian Vetiver have there been in the last 2 months?). It seems like a case of selective memory.

    And that's not even touching the whole classification of what people refer to as "niche" here... Who is stopping anyone from exploring that realm? You want bizarre? Trust me, it can be found... Just not in aisle 5.
    I agree as well. Mainstream pretty much sucks. Just synthetic junk designed for completely non-challenging unoffensive easy wear.

    I think the article should have inserted "Designer" before "Fragrances". Loads of great niche fragrances out there. I'm glad that vintage wasn't cited. We don't need more competition on auction bidding, which is stiff enough as it is!
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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Great article!

    Besides a few older fragrances and Terre D'Hermes (which I find is as good as the classics), I'm pretty much all niche now. I think it's the only way to go. Whereas I spent a lot of time in department stores in the past, I now spend that time in stores like MIN, Lafco, Bergdorf Goodman and Sach's. It maybe more expensive, but at least the fragrances are great (Montale Black Aoud, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, Acqua Di Parma Oud etc. etc.)

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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    This only serves to make the mainstream fragrance user feel bad about himself...taking a page out of women's magazines - manufacture a deficit which needs to be rectified by guess what...buying a new scent. But, that new fragrance will still be a mainstream one just a bit different than all of his other scents because that's what most people want - non-offensive and light fragrances.

    I find unique mainstream fragrances, diamonds in the rough if you will. It's not easy but it's not impossible.

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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by mr. Reasonable View Post
    well, while we're scratching our heads here's my antidote . . . Feel free to label me a ggerrlaaane whore or whatever but these keep me sane these days

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    guerlain rules!!!!!!

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    Default No great men's fragrances anymore?

    In a thread back in April that I started, I mentioned that the YouTube reviewer Marc (aka Robes08) had missed these off his 100 best list, that are all from the last 5 years:

    Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee

    Avant Garde

    Tom Ford Noir

    AHS Eau Extreme

    Code Ultimate


    Declaration Cologne

    Declaration d'Un Soir

    Eau Sauvage Parfum

    Midnight in Paris


    ... and Marc did put a handful of recent frags in that list as well.

    While I agree with a lot of what was said in the article, you just have to try everything, good ones will be out there amongst the dreck.

    Oh, and btw the "lasts all day" ingredient is the primary component of Green Irish Tweed!
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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    That article must have been geared toward people who enjoy widely available commercial stuff. Like D&G, Gucci, Davidoff, Versace lol....
    No offense on those mentioned; Although, we're actually in an fragrance era today that is making history like no other time before with notes of Oud, Roses, and Aquatics.

    I find it hard to agree with such an article that did not go more in depth about notes of Oud... Look at the number of creations today by fragrance houses that has dedicated creations to oud alone. Makers such as Armani, Ferrari, Tom Ford, L'Artisan, D&G, Kilian, Roja Dove, Le Labo, Bond, and Creed just to name a few.

    The strongest pushing scents right now that's making history is probably Aventus, Oud Wood, or Tuscan Leather.
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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kagey View Post
    From today's Telegraph, via Now Smell This:

    Apologies if someone has posted it already; I didn't see it in a search.
    What a great post, and article! I couldn't agree more with this guy, the newer colognes I've sampled recently left much to be desired, yet the bottle of Dune for Men that I bought yesterday at a duty free ( the really old one with minimal ingredients listed) is so amazingly good that I'm probably going to write a blog about it. Same goes for an ancient bottle of Fahrenheit that I found at a Savon a few months ago, another cologne that's in my opinion, better than anything currently at Saphora.

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    Default Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    I think YSL l'homme sport is a terrific new release but many will probably disagree with me. If thier weren't so many l'homme flankers I think sport would be so much more better perceived.

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