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    Default Minis of Salvador Dali, Aramis Havana, Rochas Globe and St Dupont Signature

    Hello everybody, I been reading some reviews of this fragances and for a while I been wanna to sample but not way to get a sample vial of these so I got those minis from Overstock, and the one that intrigue me is the Salvador Dali the little box have a date 1981 the smell is dated to me still have fragance on it but dated it will be hard to tell how really this fragance supposed to smell still Overstock have the 3.4 oz for 39.99 but I would not take it is smell like this, 1981 is a long time ago I believe the dark color of the bottle help to keep some content of the fragance alive, so I intrigue if the juice in the bottle that Overstock have is reformulated or is indeed left over stock from 1981 just curious if any one have or recently bought this please let us know, the other one is a mini of Aramis Havana, smell good still a little bit dated too, same with Rochas Globe and St Dupont Signature I will give a try tonight after shower and see what happens, so guys I would like to know what are the actual status of these other fragances, dated , reformulated or whatever experience with this , Thank you to all very much.

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    Default Re: Minis of Salvador Dali, Aramis Havana, Rochas Globe and St Dupont Signature

    Globe and Signature I believe have been discontinued by their respective companies, but every now and then can be found on Ebay. They have not to my knowledge been changed regarding their composition.
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