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    Default Basenotes Reader Awards - EARLY PREDICTIONS

    Hi all,

    Grant is posting the winners of the reader awards for favourite fragrant things of 2013 next week ( I think ).

    I am posting my predictions for the awards in advance and thought others may like to do the same.

    Best New Women's Fragrance - Fate Woman by Amouage

    Best New Men's Fragrance - Montecristo by Masque

    Best Flanker - Bel Ami Vetiver by Hermès

    Best Niche / Artisanal fragrance - Ashoka by Neela Vermeire

    Best Packaging - Ashoka by Neela Vermeire

    Best Celebrity Fragrance - Classic by David Beckham

    Best Online Store - Lucky Scent

    Best Offline Store - Scent Bar (Lucky Scent)

    Perfumer of the year - Nathalie Lorson

    House of the year - Amouage

    Women's Hall of Fame - Tabac Blond by Caron

    Men's Hall of Fame - Égoïste by Chanel

    Here is the link to Grants Article -

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    Default Re: Basenotes Reader Awards - EARLY PREDICTIONS

    Good picks.

    1) '32
    2) CdG Black
    3) Bel Ami Vetiver
    4) Ylang 49
    5) Fate Woman
    6) Adam Levine
    7) Luckyscent
    8) Josh Lobb
    9) Amouage
    10) Mitsouko
    11) Egoiste.

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    Default Re: Basenotes Reader Awards - EARLY PREDICTIONS

    Honestly, I can't pick most of these. I have some faves in each category, but there are too many I'm not familiar with. But there are a lot of good entries - I'll say that!
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    Default Re: Basenotes Reader Awards - EARLY PREDICTIONS


    My votes:

    Women: Fate Woman
    Men: Black
    Flanker: Bel Ami Vetiver
    Niche: Dries van Noten
    Packaging: Ashoka
    Celebrity: No Idea
    Online: Luckyscent
    Bricks & Mortar: Scent Bar
    Perfumer: Thierry Wasser
    House: The Jury Is Out - altho the Guerlain 're-make' collection is pretty amazing even if you can only smell the stuff at Champs Elysée.
    Women HOF: Mitsouko (particularly given it won an award for best 'salvage job' reformulation)
    Men HOF: Habit Rouge
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