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    Default Intro and in need of advice

    First post, I've watched the site and forums for many years. I've tried MANY different designer frags since I was 12 but just recently stepped into the world of niche fragrances. I was BLOWN away when I smelled Interlude Man and realized there is so much more that I'm missing.

    That said, I can't bring myself to pay so much for a fragrance, but If I had to I would find a way.

    What REPUTABLE and reliable online sites would I be able to buy niche fragrances and do niche fragrances (ex. Amouage) ever go on sale in department stores?

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice


    Unfortunately, perfumes, and niche particularly, never go on sale in dept stores or regular stores. Occasionally, some dept stores give you points or the like when buying something, but they don't discount the frags per se. And it is really hard to find niche frag at discounters or the like.

    While niche is expensive, there are some niche brands that are not especially so, that is, they are just a bit more expensive than mainstream and start at about $85-90 for 50ml. These include brands like Diptyque, Artisan Parfumeur, Etat libre d'Orange, Knize, and CDG, which can be just as good as other more expensive niche brands. Amouage unfortunately is on the high side of niche pricing.


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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    often you can find many niche lines available online for 20-30% off the retail at least. In some cases it's a tester bottle so same bottle and juice but no box and sometimes no cap.

    your best bet actually is to find a 'split' through Basenotes and other forums like Crystal Flacon because the juice is potent so even 10ml or 30ml etc is often more than enough for a while, plus honestly believe me, your tastes WILL change, so wait a while before buying full bottles of stuff. even 5-10ml of anything is a good starting point.

    and cost is 'relatively' expensive, meaning that $100 shirt you'll wear 20 times is more than the $100 perfume you'll wear 100 times
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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Your best bet would be to get in on a split from something niche. There are a lot of splits in the forums here, and a ton more from reputable youtube reviewers. Splits just split the bottle up into smaller bottles or decants and sell them at a fraction of the price of the original bottle size.

    Or.. you could frequent reputable sites like fragrancenet, who actually sell many niche brands (Serge Lutens, Bond, Creed, etc) and wait for their tester bottles to go on sale. They tend to discount them heavily. I have seen New Harleem testers go for 65 bucks on there.
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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Quote Originally Posted by BCShak View Post
    First post, I've watched the site and forums for many years.

    What REPUTABLE and reliable online sites would I be able to buy niche fragrances
    Many Thanks
    Welcome to you! Luckyscent, Twisted Lily, MiN NY and stores like Nieman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman
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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Recently discovered Osswalds. Very good service. Good selection.
    Also 'Lucious Cargo', 'Hampton Court', 'Aedes'.
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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Agree 100% great service, friendly reps and hard to find niche fragrances available. Great place to start along with LuckyScent...IndieScents is good as well for more niche/indie type perfumes....Oh and welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post
    Recently discovered Osswalds. Very good service. Good selection.
    Also 'Lucious Cargo'.

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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Once in a blue moon, you can catch a few amouages on Those are about the cheapest you will find them.

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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    Fragrancenet had some niche fragrances for a pretty hefty discount. Otherwise you aren't going to really find big discounts. Look for things like 10% off for joining coupons and stuff though.

    Another option would be to just get in on a split.

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    Default Re: Intro and in need of advice

    I personally haven't looked for Amouage fragrances on fragrancenet, however if there is anything else your interested in they always have the 20% off coupon available (at least they have as long as I've shopped there) and if you go through ebates you get 8% cash back! Nice to receive that "big fat check"

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