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    Default Purchasing decants from TPC

    Anyone have issues with getting questionable product? The last 5 samples I have purchased from The Perfumed Court have been very weak. I even ordered a sample of Aventus to compare to my bottle when I became suspicious and it was much weaker when applied to my skin.

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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    TPC often has very slow shipping, but I have never received what I thought was a questionable or substandard product from them.
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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    I have probably 60+ samples from them and all of them seem to be fine. No weakness or anything like that.

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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC


    Just moving this thread to the 'Shopping' section.


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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    Yeah, same here. I've had poor service, extremely slow shipping, and out of stock products ... to the point where I asked them to finally cancel my last order, and I've never ordered from them again. But I've never questioned the legitimacy of their products.

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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    Had no problems with them so far.
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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    Agree with slow shipping but never had a problem with any samples.
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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    Slow shipping for me, but the samples I have gotten compared favorably with full bottles obtained later...

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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    No issues with TPC whatsoever. Perhaps you've been comparing a dab sampling with a full bottle spray? There's also Creed's notoriously inconsistent batch issues to consider.

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    Default Re: Purchasing decants from TPC

    I never buy samples that arent in a spray bottle and if I do I just transfer them from the vial into a new and unused spray bottle. It wasnt just the Aventus that did not seem legit. It was all 5 of the samples I ordered that seemed fishy. I later ordered a 1.5 ml sample of Aventus just to compare to a well known fragrance for me. Perhaps they were left sitting in the sun by the postal service or something. Who knows. I never had an issue until this batch of samples.

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