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    Default inconspicuous hair tamer

    I'm a man, but I think my question isn't specific for "men's grooming", and I don't care if a product is marketed to women, men or cats if all the other issues are fine, so I post it here:

    I have two main problems with my rather strong hair: one is that a whirl on one side makes it stand to the side, and the other that it always looks like straw, with single hairs off the rest, especially shorter ones a week or two after I've had my hair cut, but actually even right after I washed them and they're dry. (My hair's cut conservatively, parted on one side, short on the sides and in the back, longer on top, sort of a tuft over my eyes which I can comb back or push with my hands more or less well).

    What can I put in my hair that

    - looks as if I hadn't anything in at all
    - is scentless (I'm lenient about the first minutes)
    - doesn't leave traces on sofas
    - preferably doesn't feel any different from untreated hair when my wife touches it :-)
    - keeps my hair flatter where the whirl would make it stand
    - prevents hairs from standing out?

    What's my best bet?

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    Default Re: inconspicuous hair tamer

    It seem right now most grooming products are either hair oils (of which there has been an explosion), or more classic hair gels. You should go to a store and try different products and see which one you like.

    I use Moroccan oil, I put it in my hair after the shower and it keeps them down nicely. But I'm sure hair gels would work too. I don't know which one is a good brand. My cousin likes Aveda.

    A couple of observations:
    1) these products do make hair a bit shinier, though they don't necessarily look like one has tons of sticky stuff, as old pomades did
    2) oils are now formulated so that they get dry and don't stain (unlike old macassar oil). Still, one has to be careful for the first 10 to 15 minutes
    3) but hair does feel slightly different to the touch


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    Default Re: inconspicuous hair tamer

    Do you use gentle shampoo AND CONDITIONER, or are you washing your hair with soap? I have coarse strong hair and have found that keeping it healthy is the main factor in making it look good, coarse hair tends to be dry by its nature, so you can use more moisture than people with fine, thin hairs.

    Coconut oil before you shampoo for a few minutes might work well, oil your hair while you are getting ready for the shower, then wash it out.

    Alternatively, you could leave in conditioner, instead of washing it out. I can't recommend my products as they do have strong scents.

    Basically - more moisture lets your hair be more flexible.

    Then a little bit of styling gel (fructis pure clean is what my kids use, that's affordable) and arrange your hair how you want it. The final effect has more to do with technique than product - you have to learn to apply it evenly and not mess with it while it's drying - if it's too stiff looking once dry just put your hands through it, give it a little shake to "break" the gel cast.

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