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    Default Re: Sotd Wed. 7 May 2014

    On color pink -- one township day when I was still working part-time at the restaurant, we all wore T-shirts, girls -- black and men -- pink, with the restaurant's logo. Real men rock pink, especially fancier shades, like "bubble gum" or "cherry blossom" or "azalea". I am not sure why, must be the collision of conventional notions, right?

    On rhubarb -- seems like we are going to have tons this year too, only we do not have any by this house, our neighbors do though. We mowed the lawn first time this year so we saw them bright, stout and ready (not neighbors, rhubarbs!).

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    Default Re: Sotd Wed. 7 May 2014

    Givenchy Greenergy tonight
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    Default Re: Sotd Wed. 7 May 2014

    I’m hoping that the gardening gals (((Quarry and Mocha))) are feeling less beat up and enjoying some of the fruits of all that labor. ComDiva, shade is tough! I’m sure your begonias will be beautiful though! Hostas don’t quite cut it for me either. Some of my shade favorites are Heuchera or Heucherella, Columbines, Japanese Anemones, Hellebores, Acanthus, Lamium, foxgloves, nicotiana, ferns… it’s gotta have flowers or some interesting leaves for me.

    Mike… did you *have* to post the licorice allsorts? Lol, those look soooooo yummy. I like the “proper sweets” on the bag, too! And I have to agree with them! Hope your AC is fixed soon. Oh, and that was a beautiful tree pic yesterday! I wonder if it is a Tabebuia? I couldn’t see much detail, but the vaguely trumpet shaped flowers and bare branches looked familiar.

    Twolf, lol at the “not neighbors, rhubarb” comment and I like men in pink too. Bf has a linen French cuff shirt in a shell pink hue. (Be still my heart!) The infamous Sheriff Arpaio apparently makes the inmates wear pink undies.

    What a week so far. I’m ready for the weekend! SOTD on Monday was Eau de Camille, yesterday I wore Eau de Charlotte, and today I wanted something fun and happy, so I wore MPG Fraiche Passiflore. No SOTE yet, but enjoyed sniffing (and drinking, of course!) my homemade star anise sambuca. It requires more tinkering, so I guess I will just have to make another batch soon, lol!!!
    There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
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