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    Default Re: Cowboy/Western scent recommendaton needed

    Santal 33 or Bois du Portugal
    Seasonal rotation:

    Original Santal
    Apple Brandy
    Tuscan Leather
    Silver Mountain Water
    Lyric Man

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    Default Re: Cowboy/Western scent recommendaton needed

    This is what I wrote about LM:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Trail View Post
    Bible and sword, but this is the real thing!

    Rubber duck about to put the hammer down, cowboy in a Coupe DeVille, duelie diesel with a horse trailer in tow, Eric Spoto in Brooks Brothers suit + Stetson and Lucchese boots, Clint Eastwood getting really pissed off in Unforgiven and ditching his puny shotgun for Nock-gun, black powder, leather, tar, Bull Durham, Marlboro man, bourbon and all kinds of western things with python skinned Texas Belts powerlifting belt on top.

    So, the real McCoy indeed and a bulls eye on the serious side of things. This scent does not have a single drop of humor or smile in it.

    The thing now is, am I man enough to pull this off or will it break my balls like a tornado tears down a shanty town?
    My Moonshine sample came yesterday and my initial feelings are favourable.

    Now, this is a gentleman cowboy, all smiles, good manners and happy go lucky trailblazer spirit. Lucky Luke instead of Clint Eastwood, top break Schofield in shoulder holster instead of Nock, shined up boots and fresh shave. Clif Adams singing 'My John Deere Tractor' Kip Moore in 'Something about a truck'.

    Gin, maybe some rum or similar, something darker, 'haps ham, also for some reason reminds me bit of Neroli Portofino. Definitely more approachable than LM.

    Most confess that I ended up ordering them both LM is the king of the Hill but how can i resists Moonshine either, at the end of the day it's made in Austin. Perhaps that actually explains its somewhat double nature, at least i've heard that for some Austin is not really Texas, at least that was told to us at McCombs some years back

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    Default Re: Cowboy/Western scent recommendaton needed

    I'm glad you got to try and like them both! I have both also and I think you nailed it with your descriptions. LM is the rough cowboy marlboro man type, while Moonshine is the refined gentleman cowboy. Thanks for coming back to share

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