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    Default Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I love incense fragrances, but have tried some I have loved, but haven’t found wearable. CdG Blue Encens for example I felt made me smell too churchy. For this reason I’m hesitant of blind buying Avignon. How is Kyoto in this respect? Sugi or Hinoki as well?

    For reference I wore Armani Bois D’Encens today and find the drydown close enough to my skin for me to enjoy, but I also get pepper and cedar in this to tame the “churchiness”. CdG 2 Man is one of my Top 5 fragrances, but owning this and the Armani I don’t want anything too similar.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    Kyoto is more a light cedar fragrance with a dash of least the way I remember it. It's been a while though, but if you find Blue Encens "churchy" I would say try this one first as I definitely find Kyoto more incense/churchy than Blue Encens.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I don't get a churchy (frankincense) vibe from Kyoto at all. I don't think Japanese incense typically uses frankincense; rather you'll find cedar, cypress, jinko (agarwood/aloeswood/oud), and other resins. Kyoto evokes a particular type of Japanese temple incense (of the "higher-pitched" cypress/cedar variety, I'd say). Worth a try for sure. For me, a little goes a ways; it can get a bit shrill.

    You should be similarly safe from church associations when wearing Hinoki (humid, mossy incense and woods) and Sugi.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I love Kyoto and Avignon,and have a soft spot for Zagorsk. All of them are incense based, but more focused than the Blue line, which I found rather bland and safe in comparison. If you can sample all five of the Incense line I think you will find something to your liking. If you can get hold of it, give Cale Preludio D'Oriente or the incense-based Sonoma Scent Studio products a try too.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    If you think Blue Encens is too churchy I would strongly advise you to not blind buy Avignon. It's a very austere and deep frankincense scent reminiscent of Catholic mass, particularly. I detected little if any incense in Sugi. Hinoki is mostly a dry cedar base, but does have some light incense. Out of the four, I'd recommend checking out Hinoki since you like Bois d'Encens.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I definitely would give Kyoto a try. It sounds just like what you are looking for.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    Kyozo is a balsamic, thin, rarified and totally "wearable" and delicate take on incense, not churchy at all. One of the great features of this line is that each name perfectly fits the scent, so if you see Kyoto, you can think of Japanese traditional "simplicity", frugality and martiality, and also their strong connection with nature and meditation (pardon me for the clichés!). And I also agree with repose's suggestion to avoid Avignong - that's a monolithic churchy incense for sure!
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I guess the "churchy" feel comes down to where you grew up and what you remember from your church-going days. As I was raised catholic, the scent of Avignon definitely brings back the feel of strong church style incense. But Kyoto to me is a light woody, spiritual sort of fragrance - but not "churchy" at all. Perhaps if you grew up in Japan you may have a different association built up, but for me - I simply don't get that. As per LuckyScent description, Kyoto is "swirling with the earthy scents of spicy, smoky vetiver and the juniper-meets-evergreen aroma of cypress" which is a spot-on description.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I think Kyoto is the best out of the Comme des Garcons incense series and most important, it's the most wearable IMHO.
    Avignon is just over the top bonedry extreme churchy incense, but it's in fact a perfect example of what fragrance is able to.

    Hinoki I will wear tomorrow. I bought it right away when I sampled it. As for the similarity of Comme des Garcons 2 Man and Armani Bois d'Encens, I think Kyoto justifies a purchase. As has been said it concentrates more on the cedar note than on incense, if that makes sense.

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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    Kyoto is awesome and glad I have it. It is second only to hinoki in the cdg line for me.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I agree with Repose's remark about Avignon being very churchy. Smells very nice but definitely a strong chuch vibe. Kyoto is a very nice cedar scent. Not church-like at all to me.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    I would suggest Jaisalmer as that's the most versatile and least churchy of the incense line IMO. However it smells very close to Blue Encens which you find churchy so apparently we have different perceptions of churchy. I think you may have found your holy grail in Bois d'encens. Avignon is certainly churchy but great.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    You're really not going to know until you actually sniff them all. They're worth trying to sample...they're all good in their own ways. From the three that you mentioned, Sugi & Kyoto are the easier to wear incense based scents, but both aren't very incense-y, especially the Sugi - which is more vetiver, cedar, pepper, and iris all done very light and transparent.

    Hinoki and especially Avignon which is the star in the Incense Series are a little harder to get into. Avignon is really churchy, incense.

    In terms of easy-to-wear incense, I'd suggest Gaiac 10, Vetiver 46 (Marx Buxton EDP take on CdG 2 Man) with Jubilation XXV which is frankincense with a whole bunch of other notes.
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    Default Re: Comme Des Garcons Kyoto

    Kyoto is a fantastic scent, and I love it - but don't wear it often so I will probably end up trading my bottle. Hinoki is more wood than incense to me. Avignon is church incense catholic style. Jaisalmer is probably the easiest to wear from the line, followed by Kyoto. I have to admit, Kyoto almost puts me in a meditative, focused state when I wear it...very nice fragrance.

    The amouage style incense fragrances are a more middle eastern and opulent take on the genre to my nose and I love them as well. Where cdg is the minimalist Japanese vibe, amouage is the full featured Omani showboat.

    Get a set of samples of the cdg incense series from luckyscent and SMELL IT AND SEE as they say ;-)

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