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    Default Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    Tuscan Leather is unisex so I think this question would qualify on this forum.

    I am a middle age male. TL has become my signature scent. I have had good feedback from some ladies and yesterday not so good from others. I will keep wearing it but I would like some solid opinions.

    I also think my sister would really like this and want to get her some but not sure if women do really like it. I have two questions.

    Do ladies enjoy wearing TL? Why or why not

    How attractive is TL to ladies on a man?


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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    It is definitely intended as a unisex fragrance, but something about TL pushes it towards 'masculine' for me. Still completely wearable by a woman, though I'm not a big fan of this one. Too one-note like a few of the Private Blends, and there's other leathers I'd much rather reach for out there.

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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I have a sample, I am a fan of leather notes (though slightly less fond of berry notes), and I cannot wear this one. On me, it's a little too realistic- like expensive furniture! I do not know what it smells like on a man.

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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    Not a lady here, sorry, but I love and wear Tuscan Leather as much as I can, and of all the fragrances in my collection, this is the one that gets unsolicited compliments just about every time I wear it. This does not happen with any other fragrances, or to much, much lower extent. For some reason, TL almost "guarantees" someone will compliment on it - and most of the compliments come from women, usually in the 30+ bracket (though I've had a fair share of guys compliment on it and ask what I'm wearing). So my response to you is that women do like it - or at least those women who appreciate leather scents. Some don't, some are purely into bubble-gum and white flowers, but those who like and appreciate leather - seem to be drawn to TL.

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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I saw a woman a Barney's buying a second bottle of Black Afgano for herself because she ran out if it. So if a woman can wear black afgano, she can wear Tuscan leather haha.

    I feel the same about Tuscan leather. It's nearly a signature scent for me. I get many compliments from both sexes. I sprayed a little but in my finances wrist once, and it smelled so soft. It was like a EDC version.
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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I enjoy wearing TL very much. I like the sweetness of its raspberry jam note juxtaposed against its coarse leather/rubber. I'm also a fan of L’Artisan Dzing!, but am more inclined to wear Tuscan Leather.

    I encourage you to spray it on with confidence.
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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I, like my friend Quarry, also wear Tuscan Leather. I agree with a previous poster that TL is a very realistic leather but sometimes I experience its floral dimension as well. It seems to be a little different each time. I do not wear it to the office and tend to use it on weekends with leather clothing and accessories. Would I like it on a man? YES!!!

    P.S. It's not a fragrance I would give as a gift to a woman due to its intensity and masculinity. It's an acquired taste.
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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I pretty much love all things Tom Ford. Own a lot of his fragrance, cosmetics and sunglasses.
    TL I would def wear, I have a wonderful SA at Neimans who gave me 2 mini bottles of 8 different private blends because I'm looking for one to add in my collection and Tuscan Leather is on the short list! I enjoy wearing it and it wouldn't be a signature scent it would be one I would reach for a lot.

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    Default Re: Need a ladies opinion on Tuscan Leather

    I very much enjoy wearing Tuscan Leather, and I also enjoy the way it smells on men. I do agree with Ken Cosgrove that (in my opinion) it trends a little masculine (as opposed to, say, Daim Blond by Serge Lutens, which I view as a unisex leather that because of the peach note trends a bit feminine, but also smells *great* on a guy).

    I say, if you love TL, you should keep wearing it with joy! I also recommend if you are in a position to do so that you gift your sister with a small sample from your own bottle of TL before buying her a full bottle of her own. If she loves it having tried it a couple of times on her skin, how much lovelier will your full bottle gift be?
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