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    Cool Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    Just wanted to suggest (or bring to remembrance) this site for those who haven't heard about it yet and those rather enjoy wearing perfume in oil form.

    Tons of hand crafted fragrance oils to choose from. I would suggest purchasing samples first (5/$10 + free ship) because as with any perfume house or crafter, no one will love or even like them all. Find what develops into a delicious scent on you!

    The descriptions alone are somewhat entertaining! Very creative if I may say.

    Here is just a tiny sampling:

    A dark and ferociously sexy blend of Black Oud, Black Musk, Labdanum, and spiced Pipe Tobacco blended with a seductive purr of Black Opium.

    Moss Maiden
    The wild seduction of a full moon night in a northern forest. A delicately feral blend of luxuriant mosses, crushed wet ferns, earthy calamus root, piquant cedar tips, galbanum, balsam pine, lichen, disturbed autumnal leaves, and aromatic incense woods.

    Elixir of Aphrodite
    Persian apricots dipped in orange blossom honey swirling with a sensual enchantment of peach and plum blossoms, mimosa, white star jasmine, ambrette, guiac wood, and vanilla musk.

    A unisex blend of savagely sexy skin musks and deliciously sinister leathers.

    Black Roses
    Voluptuous, midnight-black roses blended with precious black Arabian oud and black Indonesian musk

    Mesnée d'Hellequin
    An uncivilized tangle of balsam pine, cypress needles, cedar bark, teakwood, vetiver root, galbanum, lichen, moss, dried leaves, damp earth, and forest fungi.

    Vanille Tropicale
    A sexy elixir of Tahitian vanilla, frangipani, vanilla orchid, freshly split green coconut, white ginger blossoms, an effervescent splash of pineapple.

    Deadly Nightshade
    A darkly feminine blend of deep purple violets in a hypnotic chypre of sueded dark leathers, aged patchouli, midnight-black amber, and a narcotic swirl of opium.

    Midnight Garden
    An intoxication of night-flowering white flowers – tuberose (flower of dangerous pleasures), lily (flower of majestic beauty), honeysuckle (flower of binding love), gardenia (flower of secret passions) and moonflower (flower that inspires dreams of love). Hauntingly beautiful.

    Falling Stars on Winter Solstice
    Aromatic balsam needles, a dab of dark musk, sweet myrrh, incense resins, melted snow, and a touch of cabin woodstove smoke.

    Smoke & Mirrors
    An elusive, smokey blend of burning wood, Madagascar Vanilla, and Tonka. The vanilla and the smoke dance with each other almost continuously… sometimes the foreground is smoky, then sweet, then returns with sweetly smoky, then smoky.

    Attar Al Oud
    Agarwood/Oud is a mysteriously complex, morphing oil that smells simultaneously of precious woods, amber, smoke, and ambergris. Attar Al Oud enhances the wild, natural complexity of sustainable agarwood/oud oil with exotic swirls of dark musk, bone-white sandalwood, and dry amber.

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    Thanks for posting, Meow7 - Etsy does seem to be an increasingly useful place for people starting out in various fields.

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    I tried about ten or so last year, but to be honest, I found them to be a bust. The prices are great, and I'm stoked that she's doing what she's doing, but what I tried was kind of bad. I know she's cranking stuff out at a crazy pace (not necessarily a good thing), but I found them to be similar to other etsy-goth type things.

    There's a massive thread over on 'the other site' about them, though!

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    Quote Originally Posted by deadidol View Post
    I tried about ten or so last year, but to be honest, I found them to be a bust. The prices are great, and I'm stoked that she's doing what she's doing, but what I tried was kind of bad. I know she's cranking stuff out at a crazy pace (not necessarily a good thing), but I found them to be similar to other etsy-goth type things.

    There's a massive thread over on 'the other site' about them, though!
    Thanks for the info. I've heard the name bandied about and some people like the oils, so I thought I'd get some feedback here. Must have some kind of following tho, been around for a while and sells on facebook too I believe. Interesting, I noticed the high volume of scents and wondered....

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    I bought a few for my daughter and her friend for her birthday. It was called Moon Goddess and the other was Solame. Both very nice, silage was ok. The price was right as they had a special for 3. My next 2 niche purchases will be for Siberie Perfumes ( also on Etsy) as there are a few more I want to try and I want to try Al-Rehab as I prefer the oils.

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    I love ALKEMIA fragrances. Great customer service, great quality fragrances and the turn around time is amazing. I've turned my back on all mainstream fragrances.
    If there are any fellow UK fans then do get in touch and perhaps we can pool orders.
    Well, here are a few of my humble reviews
    ANTARES - ooh! This is lovely and heavenly (sorry I couldnt resist). Yes, it is sweetish floral but that is only a part of the story. I get the resins, patchouli and wood notes but its not a heavy scent. Its obvious why its so popular. This would be easy to wear.
    LAVEAU - Woah! This is a big strong exotic floral. I immediately detect the almond blossom, red roses, carnations and patchouli. This is one for your inner diva.
    As dark things were meant to be loved - Woah! again. This must be close to being a gourmand. Rich, very deep, sweet and decadent. Its loads of amber, chocolate which is probably the tonka, patchouli, coffee and black coconut on me.
    SUGAR SKULLS - Sweet as you would expect but not sickly. A sophisticated delicious sugar coated amber. It stays close to the skin.
    INCANTATION VANILLE - This is pretty much a sweetish very smoky frankincence, smoky benzoin and leather. The vanilla is low key. Not for me.
    IRRESISTABLE - All macaroons, almonds, vanilla and some nutmeg for accent. Now you would expect this to be sickly sweet but it isnt. The Dulce de leche and the caramel beautifully sweeten this fragrance. There is almost a smoky quality in the base which I will guess comes from the amber.
    AFFAIRE DE COEUR - Ummm! Sexy smooth sugared musk, vanilla, tonka and sandalwood. My God it is intoxicating! I'm smitten!
    ENCEN DE VANILLE - Ummm! again! All delicious vanilla, amber, wood and spices. Yes, I to swoon! lol
    PATCHOULI CACAO - Dense and unisex. So rich and deep. Its reminds me so much of Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 but perhaps sweeter. Its all earthy patch and darkest chocolate.
    MADAM X - Not usually one for florals but this is gorgeous. Lots of iris, violet and orris root that is grounded with a bit of patch and sandalwood. Very wearable. I think I would feel very chic wearing this.
    THE DECADENTS - Unisex but perhaps a touch more feminine. I really like this. It would smell fab on my fella. Gorgeous rum, tobacco, amber and musks. I dont get much leather. We would be fighting over this one lol
    GHOST FIRE - Truly ghostly as I can hardly detect it! Sweet delicate amber. Nice but it doesnt rock my boat.
    VIXEN - This is beautiful. Definitely autumnal. I can just about make out pumpkin, sweet tea, apple, spices, green notes and amber.
    APHRODESIA - Woah! Another intoxicating exotic fragrance. Dense with spices, vanilla and frankinsence. One to wear when you want to seduce your fella. Mata hari must have worn this!
    AMBRE EXTRAIT - Definitely a unisex dense earthy amber. Lasts for many hours. I personally like a bit more sweetness with my amber but fantastic for layering.
    VANILLE AMOUR - A gently spicey vanilla tonka fragrance. I can make out the cardamom and the ginger but they are very delicate. Definitely yum.
    last but not least
    PUMPKIN STRUMPET - Ooh, this is yummy. I've never tasted pumpkin pie but it must be yummy.

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    I have to try one of these to see if my feeling has changed about fragrance in oil form.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
    Mean spirited, nasty, snide, sarcastic, hateful, and rude individuals on Basenotes don't warrant or deserve other Basenoters' acknowledgement or respect.

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    Default Re: Do You Wear Alkemia Perfume Oils?

    I just got another order of HellCat this week. Love that stuff, perfect for the Fall. Has that spicy powdery base, I also got a sample of Incantation Vanilla which I think I might even like better. It's a very smokey vanilla. I also just got Sabrina from Siberie Perfumes which is a pumpkin spiced vanilla which I love for the Fall.

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