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    Default Gritman essential oils?

    Hi has anyone ordered from Gritman essential oils ( Is their stuff the real deal? I was thinking of ordering their heliotrope maceration from them.

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    Default Re: Gritman essential oils?

    I emailed them, asking how it is made. They said:

    It is made from the Heliotrope flowers that we grown in the Gritman Garden. The flowers are put in a fat, we like to use Fractionated Coconut Oil, and we set out in the sun for at least 6 weeks sometimes over several months. We sift out the plant material and we are left with a wonderful smelling oil that herbal and essential oil properties. We wrote an article on the process, Making Macerations.
    Let me know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.

    Sounds promising, I'll be ordering some.

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    Default Re: Gritman essential oils?

    I was curious about maceration.. Would be nice if anyone could share their impressions.

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    Default Re: Gritman essential oils?

    When I was in New Zealand my host wanted to do an enfleurage of Kahili Ginger aka Hedychium gardnerianum. I provided her with several links but she decided to follow an instruction clip on youtube about warm maceration. She used deodorized coconut oil and a simmer pot and gave it half a day. In my opinion the oil was to hot and she could have changed the flowers more often. But the result was not bad. Delicate but noticeable. Not muddy at all. A completely odourless oil would be preferable.
    Those plants are actually quite nasty. Very invasive they are repressing the plants of the native forest.

    A while ago I made some macerations in almond oil to use it in soaps. Vanilla, tonka and roasted/grounded coriander seeds were my favourites. I did not use warmth or sunlight, just let them sit for a few months.
    liaison carbone

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    Default Re: Gritman essential oils?

    Hi there, I actually live in the area and visited their facility in person. I ended up taking home about 20 oils. To the best of my knowledge, they're the real deal. I'm a very, very new beginner but the quality of the oils seemed pretty unmistakable, even for the ones not grown by them. They answered all of my questions very quickly and knowledgeably, and had full information on hand about the places in the world they sourced from, contacts, testimonials, etc. They were very helpful and also gave me a reasonable discount as well. I am very satisfied with the quality.
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    Default Re: Gritman essential oils?

    Thanks, Ashler I ordered their heliotrope maceration oil and it's definitely what it claims to be.

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