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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Oh, ClaireV, I totally enjoyed listening to Goran Bregovic with Orchestra Serbia 2007 (to the right of the link that you had posted, while opened), the whole 1h 23min of it. I think in one of my previous lives I used to be a roma, changing places and faces as the wind blew. This music (heavy artillery of tubas and other brass) strike the right chord with me somehow.

    With all that subtalk about syrupy woods, heady florals and SL fragrances, I would like to apologize to jujy, I remember how excited she was about her friend bringing the only bottle from the Palais Royale -- and me saying, No do not buy it until you have tested and retested! -- and her liking it bunches, anyway and blind!

    In simple and pretty Laurence Dumont Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanille Violette.
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Ellyn Deleith- Blue Flame
    Vintage parfum
    A surprise vintage found in my stash. Notes are unknown.
    Cool, possibly cardomom and heliotrope are central players.
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion. I really like this but the Eau de Perfume doesn't seem to have much staying power. Does anyone have a different concentration of this that lasts?

    Erin - Love that picture you posted

    I'm really enjoying the comments about Serge Lutens. A kind Basenoter sent me some samples and I think I will try one of those on my personal Sample Saturday. I have so many samples I have never tried I decided to make Saturdays the day I try a sample.


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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Magical Moon this evening.
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Mmmm, you smell wonderful easyfish

    For once I'm not twinnying with you- I'm wearing Givenchy Gentleman (vintage aftershave) today.

    Hope everybody's had a lovely day today.
    'I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal.'
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    I love your Hiris autochrome too, Erin, which is one of my favorites, but I forgot to mention the vase of roses you posted with your Rose 31 - that was so beautiful!

    We're just taking a little break from our extended rehearsal for our impending "ballet flashmob in the park" (lol, we don't really call it that - it's a "location performance") and I've just refreshed my Bas de Soie ...and I can't post a pic from my 'droid, so just words will have to do for this post. And a smiley.

    Gotta run - catch y'all later!
    Science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality. When we recognize our place in an immensity of light-years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty, and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual. ..Carl Sagan

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    SotE - Virgin Island Water.

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Bleecker Strret by Bond No.9

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Well, things will definitely be looking up after today. The Honda service department reports that water did get into the engine and it is hydro-locked. I've just turned it over to the insurance company so we can get a new engine installed. At least the insurance company has classified it as a weather disaster. Instead of a "driving like a fool down a dark wet street" incident.

    I've been wearing very soft and gentle fragrances today. First, L'Artisan Parfumeur Mimosa Pour Moi and then Atelier Cologne Sous le Toit de Paris. Those were both very lovely.
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    It is finally in the database..... just submitted my review (hopefully to see it published in two weeks or less )

    SotE - Choco Musk by Al Rehab

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    My SOTE... West Broadway by Bond No.9

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Good evening! I’m glad the Mozart clips were enjoyable! Jujy, what a great find! That little girl definitely looked like she was having a great time acting things out.

    Mocha, so sorry to hear of the weather horrors—that sounds just awful! At least insurance will cover the damages to the car.

    ClaireV, I’m not talented enough to sing, (other than to my dogs and cats, mostly because the poor things haven’t figured out a way to complain yet!) but I loved the video you shared! Even though I was raised with Western classical music pretty exclusively, I am also interested in ethnic music of all sorts, medieval music, jazz, and non-Western or microtonal tunings. Thank you for sharing!!! I will be exploring Goran Bregovic more—that is some great stuff!

    ComDiva, and what a beautiful video you shared--thank you too! You must be very talented to sing that, and Balkan songs to boot! The music and video was so calming and beautiful! I loved the images—especially the cool, icy mountains! So enticing…

    Our weather right now is HOT. My car showed it was 99 degrees outside while I was on the road near Downtown, and the thermometer at home *in the shade* read 84! Ick. I’m in Los Angeles, so I tend to think of anything below 60 as “freezing,” but this is just too, too hot--- and we are in a relatively cooler part of the city! Anyway, I wore Rose d’Ete today, and even that light, summery rose and linden was too heavy and sticky. The drydown right now is growing rather delightful, and I’m trying to sniff out the ambrette that is supposed to be in the base. (Yes, still figuring that one out! Lol!)

    Hope everyone has a great night!

    Here’s something for the amateur ethnomusicologists (and sociologists, cultural anthropologists, documentary buffs, humanities types, curious types, etc.! lol…) amongst us:
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    ~ Henri Matisse

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    I need to go back and watch all these vids!
    I came home with a mission to sort out my bottles. The categories are LOVE, like, and need to wear and possibly get rid of. Hmm, this is tough. It may take awhile
    So far, out of over 90 scents, I have only 25 bottles in the LOVE group. One of them is Frapin 1270, which I chose to wear tonight. It is cool enough, and I am enjoying this, although it will soon be put away for the hot summer coming on.

    On another note, I believe that I have decided to switch out one of my Top 5 for the first time in several years. VC&A Bois d'Iris goes in, and either Dior Homme or FM Iris Poudre get the bump. Have not decided which yet. Also, there is some consideration of PdE Cuir Ottoman for top 5. Hmmm....
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Ending the night with Masque Milano Montecristo.
    Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel. Proverbs 27:9 KJV

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    My son is in the hospital again. I take it as progress that he decided that's where he needs to be. Comforting myself with SOTN of Guerlain Véga.

    What do insomniac perfumers do to fall asleep? They count chypres!
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Still feel like crap and my nose was stuffy all day, so I didn't really enjoy my afternoon scent:

    Wild Country by Avon

    This stuff is ultra-powdery, Dad used to wear it. Nice memories.

    ((cough, cough))

    Evening at home, watching Mad Men re-runs (Season 7 is crazy!!!) and getting to bed early. Still having A/C 'issues' I'll talk about it more later. For now, I'm not 'hot' anymore, but it's also not resolved. Very frustrating. Practicing acceptance. It's working. Tomorrow they will FINALLY be treating my building for termites - the termites are everywhere when the heat returns and I've found wings along every window sill in my apartment. It's crazy. Hopefully after tomorrow it'll be a bit more tolerable.

    Mocha - hugs for you, I know all about getting a car very first new car got flooded, parked in front of my office many years ago, during a heavy rainstorm. I was heartbroken. Sounds like yours might not be a 'total loss' like mine was. Good for you.
    TWolf - have a fantastic time in the East!
    cello - organizing bottles is hard work, hats off to you for making an attempt at it
    teardrop - how'd you like the Wit?
    rynegne - hope you have a fantastic time in SF, I'm planning on going out for the BN meetup in September. Can't wait!
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    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty. infinite possibilities open up in your life"

    -- Eckhart Tolle
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.


    Good for your son for keeping himself safe. Hope that Vega eases your worries a bit tonight.
    It’s thought that people who hope too much will just waste their life away and never get down to doing any real work. They’re confusing Hope with Wish, its lazy cousin... When Wish whispers, “Something is just around the corner,” what comes or not is never what was wished for. When Hope whispers “Something is just around the corner,” something always is. -- Charlie Elberson

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Oh, jujy, I'm sorry to hear that, but you are right in that it is a good sign that he knows where safe is. Hang in there.

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.

    Jacques Bogart Force Majeure tonight
    IMPORTANT! Marine, Navy, civilian, born there, lived or worked at Camp LeJeune, NC 30 consecutive or non-consecutive days or more from 1954 through 1988? Check out online: Significant VA compensation available for many chemically induced cancers and other diseases.
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