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    Default sample niche

    after a few years of reading this forum, I finally decided to join and I have a question
    I'm planning to buy my first niche fragrence now for this summer, I've smelled MI and realy loved it, so I'm gonna sample it first to know how it performs on my skin.
    The site I'm sampling from, gives a good deal if you buy 5 samples, so there are 4 more to try,
    I've chosen diptique tam dao and frederic malle Vetiver Extraordinaire to be numbers 2 and 3, so I was hoping you could recommend 2 more summerfragences that I should try. I prefer a versatile fragrance since I don't own many bottles right now.
    the houses I can choose from are:
    a lab on fire
    acqua di parma
    atelier cologne
    frederic malle
    heeley parfums
    Histoires de Parfums
    Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
    The Different Company

    thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: sample niche


    Vetiver extraordinaire is perfect for the summer, it's superfresh. In diptyque, Tam Dao has its estimators, but it's woody, so perhaps not perfect for the summer - rather, I think things like Philosykos (fig leaves and fruit) or Ombre dans l'eau (green. ideally in edp) might fit better.

    Histoires de Parfums tends to do heavier stuff (like 1740), but I think Rosam could work, if you like modern frags. It's a very clean, metallic rose with some metallic notes. My favorite Kurkdjian is also a heavy musky one (absolue pour le soir), aqua universalis is fresh and clean, but perhaps you can wait for the winter. Rather, I think I'd look into Heeley's, like Sel Marin (salty, beachy).

    Finally, as usual with the first approach in niche, I think it's best to be patient and smell a lot first. Try to smell stuff when you go to a big city. There are so many things around that it pays to smell around first. You may like the first thing you smell, but then discovered that there are many more things you like more.


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    Default Re: sample niche

    Cedrat Enivrant & Coccobello by Atelier Cologne and Heeley respectively would be my suggestions.
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    thanks for the reply!
    Philosykos and sel marin realy look intresting.
    Maybe I'll drop Tam dao, I was cusius about it after reading some reviews
    Trying niche scents isn't easy here, even in a big city

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    Default Re: sample niche

    Check out a few samples from Mancera.

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    Another from the Malle line - Geranium PM: If your OK with a strong dose of mint it would be a modern masculine - that should glow in the summer. It would also be a very agreeable fragrance for those around you if you factor that into your considerations!

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    TDC Sel de Vetiver is a good summer fragrance. I'd also try Malle's Bois d'Orage (also called French Lover, I think). And two Kurkdjians: APOM and Oud.

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    I'm partial to A Lab on Fire Almost Transparent Blue, Atelier Orange Sanguine and Heeley Menthe Fraîche.
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    Default Re: sample niche

    I like that you're exploring many good options.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: sample niche

    You may like to try Creed Royal Water ​for summer it's beautiful with its citrus and surprising snap of peppermint. Welcome to the forum!
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    Default Re: sample niche

    Where do you buy these samples?

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    Default Re: sample niche

    Quote Originally Posted by Suppressor View Post
    Where do you buy these samples?

    and thanks for al the answers, I think it will be:
    creed MI
    vitiver extraordinaire
    Sel marin

    and maybe Geranium PM, is the mint like in cartier roadster (I hate the first 15min of that frag, though I like its drydown)?
    in that case 5th choice will be sell sell the vetiver I think

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    Default Re: sample niche

    Hey, good choices. Can't really remember Roadster but needless to say the mint in Geranium-PM is very prominent (I get a kind of mouthwash vibe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dajean View Post

    and thanks for al the answers, I think it will be:
    creed MI
    vitiver extraordinaire
    Sel marin

    and maybe Geranium PM, is the mint like in cartier roadster (I hate the first 15min of that frag, though I like its drydown)?
    in that case 5th choice will be sell sell the vetiver I think
    I buy my samples at
    Quite expensive, but they are at least 2,5ml each and spray nicely.
    €10 for 5 niche samples is incredibly cheap, but the samples seem to be smaller than the ones from ALZD.
    And I wonder if they will be fully filled.
    Please keep us updated when your samples arrive, if they are filled to the max and if they are +/- 1,5ml and if they have sprays.
    I am spending tons of money on the samples from ALZD (last order was €60!), skins seems to be a better alternative! lol

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    Default Re: sample niche

    By the way, I would replace Philosykos with Colonia Intensa.
    I received very negative feedback on Philosykos from the ladies.
    It turns sour and sweaty on my skin.

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    Default sample niche

    Philosykos is a good one to try, since there is nothing like it on the market, green, fresh, coconut creamy, fig. The ladies like philosykos.

    Tam dao shares many similarities scents on the market like encre noire, cdg wonderwood, black cashmere by donna karan.

    cocobello by heeley is a good one, not very many coconut themed frags on the market these days.
    frederic malle, carnal flower the fragrance is unique for the smelling purpose itself, pure flower pleasure. Then lys mediterranee by f. malle also a flower but real pleasure to smell.

    creed classics like mi and git plus original vetiver.

    i personally didn't care much about kurkidjan fragrances, too expensive and difficult to pull off sometimes, think of fleur de male by gaultier he created.

    acqua di parma does the best iris on the market, personally i am not a big fan of iris. too dry and chalky leathery ingredient.

    pardon my phone for typos please.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: sample niche

    I'll keep you updated, I'll order the samples monday, so I hope to have them around wednesday

    and thanks for the info

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