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    Thumbs up Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Quote Originally Posted by tdem1961 View Post
    Oh Roberto, you smell gorgeous as always!! Come sit by me.

    Natori eau de parfum for me today. Beautiful floral-oriental with the loveliest plum note.

    Best to all.

    Thanks very much Terry. You also smell marvelous

    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Wearing Poison this evening, just a couple of dabs of the Esprit de Parfum, from a sample sent to me a while back by a generous basenoter.
    l couldn't stand this fragrance when everyone oversprayed it back in the eighties, but applied this way it's a lovely soft, warm, honeyed floral on me.

    Erin; l await the next instalment with interest.
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Fredric Malle French Lover

    " When your ready to quit, you're 1/2 way there"
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    I am testing Ombre Indigo today. It's based on a photograph of shadows and water. The scent is very true to all the shades of blue in picture, and what a perfect name for me! It's very incense-y, but cool and sheer. Absolutely fascinating and I think I could be in love!

    Notes: petit-grain bigarade, absolute tuberose, saffron, plum, vetiver essence, papyrus essence, leather, incense, benzoin resin, amber, musk

    hugs to all ...
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Ooh, I'm tickled to hear the happy romantic news for Erin and Mike. Enjoy these days.

    Today it's rainy and in the 50s where I live, so I am wearing the real No. 5 today, after enjoying Eau Première yesterday. Mike, I confess to loving them both. How nice to be able to choose either.

    Ryngne, you sound very sensible. It's an old real estate maxim, "location, location, location," but there's a reason everyone says it. I'm sending you a PM, too.
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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Neil Morris Fragrances Afire tonight
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    I wore Amouage Reflection Man to church and now ending the night with Montecristo.
    Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel. Proverbs 27:9 KJV

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    My SOTE is Harrods For Him by Bond No.9

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    Default Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 4 June, 2014.

    Hermessence Epice Marine by Hermes

    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty. infinite possibilities open up in your life"

    -- Eckhart Tolle
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