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    Default Article: Burr's Untitled S02E02 sold out in six hours

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    Default Re: Article: Burr's Untitled S02E02 sold out in six hours

    Lol. Sounds like our postal ruined blind sniff game.... but you have to pay.... what fun.
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    Since it is sold out I will say what I think it is...Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil.
    There, I said it.

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    So now that Untitled is on a bigger platform will "they" expand the amount of bottles per launch? Chandler? I miss the YouTube videos with Chandler announcing the launch and discussing reveal!! I am glad C has gone "big time" at LS with Untitled, but feeling a little left in the open sky dust. I know, I know, you can put the little violins away I got them out earlier! I will be watching my email and Luck Scent like a hawk for SO2EO3 launch-- I thought I was, but missed 02 , drat!!! They used to hang there on Open Sky and now gone in 2 seconds! Glad it was Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil as I already have samples and such ( and can appreciate, but am not in love) , but would have really have loved to been able to add Nil Untitled to my Untitled collection of which I have 95% of SO1 and have 2 bottles of SO2EO1 and 2 bottles of SO1E10-- Sel de Vetiver--which I adore! I guess my point is I LOVE THE UNTITLED series-- whether you LOVE each EO is not the point, but to stretch and expand your olfactory view of the olfactory arts is THE point, to put your, our, my preconceived notions in our back pockets and smell unadulterated by the name, image and preconceived notions of the juice in the fancy bottle. ~~~ and just purely smell.

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