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    Default Manscaping Advice wanted!

    I'm looking for some general advice on how to maintain my body hair on specific areas.

    First off, the area on the behind (buttocks). There should not be hair there, so should i look for a permanent solution like laser removal or something? I shouldnt have to shave or trim my buttock hair every so often.

    And what about my groin area. I shave my pubic hair of course, so that the area feels clean and fesh, but what about the upper part of the legs. The point where they connect with the upper body. It feels weird having the groin shaven and right there and then hait to start on the pelvic area and below? Any way for a smoother transition?

    Also I have thick and dense hair on my legs. I dont want to shave them cause that doesnt feel manly to me personally, but i also dont want to have as much and as long hair there. What could i do?

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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    If you're a man I don't see the issue with hairy buttocks. Some men naturally have hair there, others don't.
    If a female then I can understand
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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    I personally like to wax, it lasts for a long time and doesn't produce the annoying stubble. But I agree that waxing, or shaving, the backside is complicated (of course, that's straightforward if you have a partner do it for you).

    As for transitioning, I don't know, but I wonder if a hair trimmer with the appropriate length accessory could do the job.


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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbloke View Post
    If you're a man I don't see the issue with hairy buttocks. Some men naturally have hair there, others don't.
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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    As far as the issue with the smooth transition, why not just trim your pubes, and only shave your actual junk. Razor on my junk, then I use an electric trimmer with a number one or two guard for around the junk, and I leave the legs and stomach alone. I feel like there's only two options, being hairy and natural like a man, and just taking care of the details, or shaving your entire body, which I personally think is silly.
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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    I personally like to wax
    Lol, this reminded me of this scene

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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Quite funny, I had not seen the movie...


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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    You could use a trimmer for your legs to transition from your pube area. I don't see what's wrong with hairy buttocks, I find it kinda hot haha.

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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    yeah I guess it's a really a personal call, and also whatever your partner wants. Personally I use a trimmer on say #2 for the groin and backside area and maybe #3 for legs and chest, so basically I find reducing everything down is the best for me rather than completely taking everything off and then having it all come back. I think a bit of arm and leg hair is pretty normal and expected. Personally I shave my foot and knuckle hairs but that's just me
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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Did you get your arse sorted out? Before/after pics?

    Personally I just let it grow. Free pillow if sitting outdoors.

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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    Use something with a guard. They make specific "body shavers" now. I bought the Philips "Bodygroom" and I find that a 3 in the groin faded up to a 1 works nicely. You can remove the guards and shave it all off in those upper leg areas as well; basically pain free as long as you're careful of the angle you're shaving at.

    P.S. If you buy the Philips one, don't leave it on charge all the time, you'll fry the battery. Better to let it run out and charge it infrequently and not completely because the charger doesn't stop when the battery is full.

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    Default Re: Manscaping Advice wanted!

    I'm thinking of performing laser hair removal, for my butt, upper legs, and quite possibly groin area. Is the laser, dangerous in that area, and could that result in damaging nerves and tissues resulting to weakening functionality of the penis or something? I just gotta make sure, cause this should be no joke, and no light decision to make.

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