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    Default Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    I'm selling my entire wardrobe, as I need the money. I will sell all bottles at once, at my place (you have to come get them). The price is 10000 in euro's. The price is negotiable! I won't sell individual bottles as I don't want the hassle of shipping around 200 bottles.

    It's a lifetime collection, with multiple backup bottles of my most loved fragrances, made to never run out of everything in rotation.

    I live in the eastern part of the Netherlands which is reachable very well by car by the highway.

    Only contact me with PM if you have any questions!

    PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD, as it will have to be closed by the moderators (rightly so) again for illegal bumping

    Rares and uber rares:

    Amouage Chrystal Gold Omani Dagger 30% (very old vintage), one later Omani Dagger 100% BNIB, and another Amouage Gold 50ml pre chrystal (earliest formulation probably, full bottle)
    Amouage Dia man, 2011, BNIB
    Amouage Memoir man, BNIB
    Amouage Tribute 12ml, 99% full, bought in 2012
    Azarro Acteur, 2 100ml bottles, BNIB
    Aramis Aramis Vintage ‘70s bottle, 125ml, never used without box
    Aramis Aramis 2005 vintage 75ml 75% with box
    Aramis JHL, 100ml, one BNIB bottle, one 98% bottle with box
    Balenciaga Balenciaga 100ml without box
    Boucheron Boucheron (for women), 7,5ml Parfum, BNIB
    Bogart Furyo, 2 100ml bottles, BNIB
    Caron Yatagan, 125ml 2007 version. 3 very old vintages, 50ml, BNIB (3 formulations back)
    Caron PuH, 750ml bottle, 95% full, pre 2007
    Cartier Santos Concentree, 1 BNIB bottle, 1 99% bottle, pre 2008
    Cartier Santos Eau Sport tester 75ml
    Creed Millesime Imperial, bought in 2010
    Creed Bois de Cedrat 75ml, BNIB
    Creed Bois du Portugal, 125ml, 97%
    Creed BdG, 75ml, BNIB
    Creed Irisia 75ml, BNIB
    Creed Fleur de Bulgarie, 250ml, BNIB
    Creed Private Collection Cuir de Russie, 2 bottles of 250ml, BNIB
    Creed Private Collection Tabarome, 250ml, 95% full
    Creed Private Collection Cypres Musc, 250ml, BNIB
    Creed Private Collection Bois de Santal, 250ml BNIB
    Creed Royal English Leather, 1 250ml bottle, BNIB
    Crown Sandringham 50ml 4 bottles, one 99%, rest BNIB
    Chanel no. 19 Vintage Parfum, 15ml, 90% full
    Chanel no. 5, one very old 50ml EDC 90%, one 100ml vintage, 70%.
    Chanel Antaeus, one 2007 100ml bottle with 90%, 2 older ‘80s or ‘90’s bottles with 100 and 98%
    Estee Lauder, Lauder for men vintage, 125ml BNIB
    Chanel, Coco, 35ml Parfum, vintage
    Chanel for Men, pre Pour Monsieur formulation, 100ml, without box
    Etro Vetiver Vintage pre 2009, 1 97% bottle, 1 BNIB (even older vintage)
    Etro Palais Jamais Vintage pre 2009, 98% full
    Givenchy Gentleman vintage, 50ml BNIB, 125ml BNIB and a newer 2007 version 125ml 80%
    Guerlain Habit Rouge, 50ml EDT, 50ml EDC, both vintage, pre 2010
    Guerlain Heritage, 100ml vintage EDT 80%, 125ml vintage EDP 95%, both pre 2007
    Guerlain Jicky vintage 75ml tester from the eighties or nineties
    Guerlain Mitsouko vintage 2ml parfum from the eighties, 3 bottles
    Gucci Gucci Pour Homme, 125ml (80’s version)
    Jean Deprez, Versailles Pour Homme, 3 30ml bottles, BNIB
    Jean Deprez, Bal a Versailles, 30ml, vintage, BNIB
    Hermes Bel Ami, 100ml 2011 bottle 98% full, 1 vintage Bel Ami shaker bottle 100% full, BNIB
    Hermes Equipage, pre 2007 bottle, 100 or 125ml, 97% full
    Houbigant Fougere Royale 100ml EDP re release
    Knize, Knize 10, 1000ml vintage bottle 90% full (bottle cap damaged!), one 100ml vintage spray bottle, 50% full
    Leonard Leonard Pour Homme, 100ml, 2 bottles
    Mazzolari Lui, 2 bottles, one BNIB, one 97%
    Mazzolari Mazzolari, 2 bottles, one BNIB, one 99%
    MPG Santal Noble 1 Vintage striped bottle, one 2009 bottle
    MPG Eau des Iles, 90ml, 3 bottles, testers
    MPG Parfum d’Habit, 90ml, 2 bottles
    Nina Ricci Signoricci 1, 100% without box
    Oscar de La Renta, Lui, 3 vintage bottles, 90ml, 1 98%, 2 100%, no boxes
    Patou Patou PH, 30ml 33%
    Patou 1000, vintage, 2 45ml bottles, 1 90ml bottle
    Profvmvm Santalum, 2 bottles from 2010, 1 99% full, the other BNIB
    Serge Lutens, Borneo 1834, A la Nuit, Tuberose Criminelle, As, Cedre, Arabie, MKK, all above 98% full or BNIB
    Shiseido Basala, 11 15ml bottles
    Trussardi Uomo, 3 bottles, older vintages, one 50%, one 80%, one 90%
    Ungaro Diva vintage 100ml
    Ungaro I, BNIB
    Ungaro II, 1 75ml bottle, 1 100ml bottle
    Ungaro III 1 30ml vintage bottle, 1 50ml later vintage bottle
    Van Cleef and Arpels (2 or 3 formulations back, the original for men), 50ml vintage 90%, 100ml 2 bottles BNIB, 50ml BNIB
    Villoresi Sandalo, 50ml, 50%
    YSL M7, 2007 version, 99%
    YSL Vintage Kouros, 100ml 70% (pre 2008), 50ml 90% (pre 2010)

    Some other less rare bottles (all big bottles, 100ml or 125ml unless otherwise stated):
    Annick Goutal Hadrien Absolute 90% 100ml
    Annick Goutal Eau de Monsieur 100ml 2 bottles BNIB
    Annick Goutal Sables 100ml 90%
    Annick Goutal Tuberose 50ml BNIB
    Aramis Devin BNIB, pre 2010
    Aramis 900, pre 2008
    Balenciaga Ho Hang, 100ml BNIB
    Bogart One man who, 2 BNIB 100ml, 1 99%
    Boss no1 90%
    Davidoff Zino, 2007, 75ml 90%
    Dunhill for men, 2 bottles BNIB
    Fransesco Smalto 2 bottles BNIB, 1 99%
    Krizia Uomo, 1 BNIB bottle
    Lapidus PH, 2 bottles BNIB
    Jacomo de Jacomo 3 bottles
    Givenchy Monsieur 220ml, BNIB
    Giorgio for men, 2 BNIB, 1 97% (not vintage)
    Giorgio Red for men, 1 bottle, 97%
    Guerlain EDC Imperiale, 2010 BNIB
    Guerlain MdeM, 90%, 2009
    Lalique Leo, 75ml EDP 95%
    Maxims Pour Homme, 2 bottles 100ml BNIB
    Montale Aoud Roses Petals, Boise Vanille, Greyland, Black Aoud, all 95% +
    Puig Quorum, 95%
    Ralph Lauren Polo, 90%
    Tabu Vintage, 30ml BNIB
    Van Gils 100ml 90%, 50ml 80%
    YSL concentree PH, 99%
    YSL Rive Gauche, pre 2010 125ml 50%, 60ml intense 80%

    New Price: 10.000 euros

    If you have any tips to "get rid" of my wardrobe, questions, or an offer, feel free to private message me!
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    Default Re: Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    Hope it displays well:

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    Default Re: Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    Does this include room and board for the short stay in your vicinity plus it would be nice if purchasing for this amount that in addition to room and board it would include dinner for the night at arrival and a continental style of Breakfast following mornings and this only for the 2 week stay and added personal tour guide to show whomever around area being visited would be swell and as they say "icing/cherry in top of the cake" of an offer for this amount of cash being ask for.... If yes then it would be more enticing to others interested in obtaining this marvelous collection of yours...just a thought and suggestion ...ciao
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    Default Re: Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    Hey Magnus,

    Thanks for your wonderful message. Hahah it does include a lot of food too, if you decide to come and get all of this.

    Please respond by private message people, or the thread will be closed by the moderators for (illegal) bumping.

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    Default Re: Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    Another bump! 12.500 euro!

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    Default Re: Entire Vintage and Rare Wardrobe, Western Europe only

    Bump again....

    Price reduced: 10.000 euro's

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