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    Default Cassini by Oleg Cassini


    I'm hoping somebody with lots of fragrance knowledge can help me in my quest here! My absolute favourite perfume is Cassini and I've worn it since buying on my honeymoon in 1992. Many bottles of it, several years and 3 children later I'm finding it's only available online and after receiving a bottle of so called 'Cassini' for Mother's Day I found to my dismay that it doesn't smell like it used to. I'm heartbroken. My husband and children all know this is my scent and I've had so many compliments over the years from people when wearing it.

    I've done some digging around on the Internet and discovered that other people have commented on this change in Cassini and it seems to have been reformulated.

    Can anyone suggest something similar? I've tried in the department stores but all the modern perfumes seem to die down to the same sickly kind of smell on me.

    Please help! (I'm in the UK btw).

    Thanks so much if anyone can suggest something.

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    Welcome to Basenotes, Rubyshoes! I mourn this reformulation with you, the modern version is a mere shadow of the former self, without either honey or spunk. However, here are two fragrances for you to try:
    -- (budget buy) Older version of Capucci de Capucci (should be no circles on the box),
    -- (splurge) Amouage Beloved (which smells like many fragrances of that era put together and should appeal to the original Cassini fans, IMO.)
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    Default Re: Cassini by Oleg Cassini

    I may be wrong but I found a similarity in Féminité du Bois.
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