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    Default Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather. I received a generous sample of clarins body treatment oil and I love the scent. Suposed to contain 100% plant extracts including rosemary , geranium, and mint. It's a gorgeous after shower smell that fades much too quick.
    None of the clarins perfumes have a simalar smell it seems.
    Looking on the internet , I found guerlain homme, and herba fresca as possible alternatives . This is promising as I love many guerlains. Not an issue to wear a man scent I love dior homme.
    So far cannot find these guerlains to sample.
    I would appreciate suggestions for a scent with a refreshing , brisk vibe.
    I don't have much access to niche but may order some samples.
    My usual favorites are Shalimar, Channel cuir de ruisse, mitsouko, carnal flower.
    Thank you in advance for your always great input.

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    Default Re: Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    That does sound nice and refreshing! I really like all three of the elements that you mention! I didn't care much for Guerlain Herba Fresca when I tried it-- perhaps it was too minty for my taste. Green Water by Fath is also minty, but lacks rosemary or geranium. Other than trying geranium prominent scents, you might look into other fragrance options and experiment with layering. I'm not sure how complex the Clarins scent is, but those elements are often used in sort of "natural" perfumes, oils, or body sprays, like the kind at health food stores and some spas. You might be able to find essential oil blends that could provide a base for layering. Several years ago, I bought a blend that had similar elements; I think it was called "clarity" or "clarify" and was supposed to have aromatherapeutic qualities... but I just liked the scent. Aveda sprays also come to mind-- they were supposed to be chakra balancing or some such thing. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure they make them anymore! I saw them at a hair salon. :/ Nonetheless, that might be something to look into. Even the various Aveda hair and body products are nicely scented, often with rosemary, mint and geranium, so those might be something to use as well. There is also a brand called V'tae. Again, a health food store kind of brand... and I recall some refreshing herbal fragrance sprays as well. I'm not sure this was helpful at all (!) but I hope perhaps this might give some ideas for other avenues to try if you can't find a proper perfume to match your Clarins oil scent. It sounds lovely, and I hope you can find a match. Good luck!

    edit to add: Of course, if you do play with essential oils, be careful of skin reactions, etc. They need to be diluted in a carrier.
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    Default Re: Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    I tried the clarins oil too and agree that it has a light but pleasant, sharp herbal scent. Nothing exactly comes to mind. Guerlain homme is not what you're looking for- it does have some top fresh top notes but that's it. Herba fresca is definitely fresh, though not exactly like the oil, and it doesn't last too long.

    If you have a Lush store nearby, I suggest you try Dirty Lush. Fresh, minty and herbal, and quite long lasting.

    Btw Aveda still does the Chakra. But they tend to have basenotes of woods and patchouli, so they don't come off as fresh (though they are very pleasant). Rather, their Pureformance (for men) is an invigorating herbal scent.


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    Default Re: Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    Thanks for these suggestions. Sorry about the spelling, I am terrible spelling and cannot figure out the spell check. I'm a big fan of lots of lush products, esp the lust line, I visited a store today. No dirty perfume (in canada at least) , I tried dirty the body spray, but liked not loved it. I did buy the greeeench deoderant powder, which I have had before, great for summer shoes.

    I think I have seen the aveeda rosemary shampoo , and loved the smell, I'll have to find a larger salon to try the other products. Normally I love patch and woods so I may find something. I'll try the performance too.

    Glad to know guerlain homme will not satisfy me, it doesn't seemed to be stocked in our dept or drug stores. I did sample herba fresca and only found it ok. Not purchase worthy.

    There is a small health store by my house and I often buy a rose water there that comes in a spray bottle, keep it in the fridge so refreshing, so I will definitely check out sprays at a larger store.

    I used to go throughout a lot of O ' de lancome in the summers, but it's so fleeting on me.

    I also retried eau de jardins by clarins, my sister wear this one, it's great but I really prefer the scent of the oil.

    Also yesterday I used the oil after showering, then 2 sprays of Estée Lauder private collection and got a lot of complements, so I'll use that more frequently while I look. Thanks again for all your input.

    By the way, the young enthusiastic workers at lush very quite complemented that their company was mentioned here, (and interested in all I have learned about scents). they plan to visit the forum.

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    Default Re: Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    I love Private collection too. Very green and assertive - and it remains green into the drydown. Some people dislike it because too assertive, but I think it's great. I love O de Lancome too, but, as all citruses, it doesn't last much. But quite satisfying for a quick refreshing spritz.

    The Dirty perfume is slightly less herbal and more minty than the body spray, but it's close enough. So if you're not satisfied with one, you won't be with the other.


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    Default Re: Clarins tonic body oil scent.

    I wore private collection today, always lovely!

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