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    Default Carte Blanche by Eclectic Collections?

    Seriously, what's going on with the 'notes' list here?

    Whipped Cream, Milk, Champagne, Cupcake, Cranberry, Red Wine, Sugar, Black Currant, Sea Water, Regular Water, and Red Berries....among others.

    Are they for real?

    Is anybody familiar with this fragrance?

    Can you really pick up on Champagne, Cupcakes, and Sea Water when you wear this?

    I understand the notes lists are more impressions/interpretations than anything, but they've got to be reaching a little bit here. I'm almost tempted to make a blind buy just to see what's really going on.

    I'd love to hear from anybody who owns or has sampled Carte Blanche.

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    Default Re: Carte Blanche by Eclectic Collections?

    Its sounds digusting to me.
    It was a calculated risk. Unfortunately, I'm bad at math.
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    Default Re: Carte Blanche by Eclectic Collections?

    The notes list looked interesting until I read sea water.
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    Default Re: Carte Blanche by Eclectic Collections?

    I remember looking on Fragrantica and laughing at all the pictures of the notes. I believe these are EdP's ,but from what I hear they smell like crap.

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