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    Default Cyclamen: what does it smell like?

    After reading definitions of cyclamen online, it seems some cyclamen has no scent at all, yet it is listed as a fragrance note in MANY fragrances. I am wondering if cyclamen is that mysterious smell in Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea hand soap and body lotion? (Yes, it's listed, among other notes.) Is it a *vegetal* smell? Or no smell at all?
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    Default Re: Cyclamen: what does it smell like?

    Try here on the note identification thread.

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    Default Re: Cyclamen: what does it smell like?

    Cyclamen aldehyde has a predominantly fresh green floral scent and is used in many perfumes.
    I'd *guess* it is that kind of note which is commonly referred to in such note breakdowns.
    Never smelt the B&BW product you mention, though.

    *Edit. I see Mumsy's come up with the goods

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