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    Default Question about Envy for Men.

    After reacquiring Carven Homme recently and wearing Rocabar a couple weeks ago, I was wondering if anyone can speak to the opening of Envy, specifically, does it have any "fresh" quality, like Rocabar, or not, like CH. I haven't tried it for years now and I thought it did, but at the time I was't as familiar with aroma chemicals like dihydromyrcenol. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Question about Envy for Men.

    No freshness to speak of. Very far from Rocabar. Very similar to Carven but slightly thicker/heavier and missing the cinnamon and nutmeg.
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    Default Re: Question about Envy for Men.

    Imagine Zino Davidoff without patchouli and vanilla and replace it with ginger and amber. The ginger gives it more of a spicy crispness, but it's not fresh.

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