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    Default Re: Recommend me an INCENSE scent

    Amouage, Interlude Man. If you want to explore incense scents, Amouage is a superb house to sample from, and Parfums Raffy sells 2.5ml carded samples at great prices. Highly recommended!
    Current Favorites (in no particular order)
    Royal Oud
    Rose 31
    Aqua Universalis
    Prada L'Homme
    Orange Sanguine
    Petit Matin
    1725 Casanova
    Hanae Mori H.M. EDT
    Tom Ford Extreme
    Noir De Noir

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    Default Re: Recommend me an INCENSE scent

    If you like Avignon, you should try Cardinal by Heeley. It's very similar, but it's a bit brighter and has a more citrus at the top. I find the performance to be outstanding, and it's by far my most complimented fragrance.

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    Default Re: Recommend me an INCENSE scent

    Avignon, Cardinal, Incense Extreme, Encens Famboyant and Incense Oud are probably my top 5.

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