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    Default "IFRA reformulations" versus reformulations for other reasons.

    After reading the recent thread on this subject, I thought it would be a good idea to have those "in the know" (if there are any) to address this question. That is, what is causing all the recent reformulations? 1-12 and Z-14, for example, have become jokes, with no attempt to even try to make the scent true to the original, IMO (though the new Z-14 is interesting in an odd way). Then we have niche perfumers complaining about IFRA. Yet on that other thread, some people are claiming that the new guidelines really aren't much of an issue, for various reasons. What is the reality of this situation? Is it just that specific compositions will be "neutered," or is it that most reformulations are being done simply to save a few cents per bottle (or both, depending upon the company)? Thanks.

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    Default Re: "IFRA reformulations" versus reformulations for other reasons.

    Others more in the know should discuss. But IFRA restrictions are an issue because oakmoss, coumarin, jasmin, etc etc etc were the key ingredients of a large number of old perfumes. So they've pretty much ruined countless perfumes.

    That said, reformulations to save a few cents have always been going on, but they were not universal. For, say, a Balmain or a Dior with the reformulation bug, other brands had kept high standards (Guerlain). Now even the good brands have been forced to reformulate.

    There were also a few reformulations due to unavailability of materials, primarily sandalwood (of which I don't think a good substitute has been found), and animal-derived musks.


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