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    Hello basenoters,

    So there is this new (2-3 years old i'd say) concept store in Paris, called Nose.

    Their project is to help you to do your own diagnostic and to determine the fragrances that would suit you the most (based on what you like, what you have already worn, etc.)

    They propose a lot of niche brands that you would not find in mass-market places like Sephora. So far, it has received ton of very positive reviews for their profesionalism (i did not try it myself)

    As my English is not that good, i copy-paste a random (yet pretty detailed) review found on Yelp :

    Finding your signature scent in a world bombarded by beauty ads, shops with floor-to-ceiling flacons, and duty free corners in every airport is not an easy feat. What we really need in order to unlock our hidden olfactory personality is a stripped down, logo-less space where we can quietly and methodically interact with fragrances in order to find the smell that moves us most.

    Nose does just that.

    After purchasing a gift certificate for my husband a few months back during a Yelp event we went to the shop together recently. An extremely patient and knowledgeable woman greeted us, sat us down in the back, offered us some coffee and then rolled up her olfactory sleeves and set to work helping my husband find his fragrance soul mate. The shop's digital database cued up a few fragrances for him to try based on his preferences but the clerk also made some great suggestions of her own. After smelling about 10 different fragrances my husband narrowed it down to two and then tried each on his skin. His top choice turned out to be one of the scents that the clerk suggested, which was also one of the least expensive fragrances in the shop, so she was clearly looking to get him the best fragrance match, not the highest sale.

    A wonderful experience all around and a fantastic gift idea!
    I checked their website and i was quite amazed to find Creed Aventus with such a low price (i can't post link so you may check this out by yourself but it was like €140 for 75 mL!)

    Is it trustworthy? Is it a fake? I mean i might believe you if you tell me that most people are not necessarily expert in perfumes, but i literarily didn't read one single negative review related to product quality and authenticity.
    Who can explain me such a difference in the price?

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    Default Re: NOSE - Paris

    Hi & welcome, Oki-Ni

    A lot of websites offer various brands at low prices

    I've never heard of them before but it looks O.K.
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    Default Re: NOSE - Paris

    The store was founded by (among others) Mark Buxton.
    I think you're safe from buying fakes there.

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    Default Re: NOSE - Paris

    Thank you, gandhajala
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    Default Re: NOSE - Paris

    That's reassuring. Thanks for that info.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Well that's some good news then! Thanks!

    Yet it might mean that the concentration is lower than the one for the original fragrance, no? It is categorized "Eau de Toilette" on Nose website, isn't the "real" fragrance an "Eau de Parfum"? (dumb question, probably asked and answered many times, but i don't know that much about perfumes)

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    I actually get emails from them every month. I signed up when they first opened as they where mentioned by Grant on here. Never actually ordered from them as I can find better deals elsewhere, no interest in Creed so can't say how good their prices are.

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    I think they are legit, creed is cheaper in France so that would explain the price difference
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