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    Default Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    I realise Elizabeth Arden don't make the most cutting edge or high end fragrances, but I often wonder why there is hardly a mention of the company's fragrances on any fragrance website. I'm talking about their Elizabeth Arden branded products (not Elizabeth Taylor, Justin Bieber, etc). Even Basenotes has skipped Untold in it's directory and has gone straight to Arden's flanker, Untold Eau Légère. Are they really that awful, or does nobody really care? I'm interested to know. (FYI, I was a SA for Arden in the 1990' connection now)

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    Only speaking for myself, not a fan of this house but there are people here on Basenotes that do like her fragrances.
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    Thanks hednic. I 'get' that many people don't like Elizabeth Arden fragrances, but I'm trying to get a sense of why, in general, it's fragrances don't even rate a mention on sites like this. Is the company too 'middle of the road'? Are the fragrances so bland that they're not worth talking about?

    I don't have an axe to grind...but for Blue Grass and Red Door to still be in production after all this time, there's obviously a market for it's fragrances. Any answers?

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    Maybe it's just that members here are not really in the target market - whatever that is

    The non-fragrance products are good quality (8 Hour cream is a very reliable and useful classic) but I certainly haven't tried any of their fragrances as Blue Grass never appealed to me in the past so maybe we should go & try some!
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    In my opinion, some of the fragrances released by this brand are quite good: especially Green Tea and some of its flankers, Provocative, Ardenbeauty, of course the aforementioned classic Blue Grass and a few more. Indeed they may deserve more coverage, more good (or any) press, since they are largely affordable choices with good quality notes and note developments.

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    Thanks, Ken - might check out the Green Tea - is it sweet 'though?
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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    My wife loves the Green Tea scent by EA. I once had a love affair with Sandalwood by the same company, but haven't come to get myself a bottle ever since.

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    I never found one from this house that I really liked, but Red Door isn't bad, it's interesting, got some dept. Green Tea is quitr popular, it's fresh and inoffensive imo

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    I love blue grass

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    Default Re: Elizabeth Arden fragrances

    Elizabeth Arden, as a company has been through some hard times changing owners through the years. They were most recently bought by International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) who then adopted the Elizabeth Arden name. IFF is now known as Elizabeth Arden. I am a big fan of brand name EA cosmetics but not their fragrances. The only one I own is Splendor. It is a pleasant but not outstanding fragrance that is similar in style, IMHO, to Ralph Lauren's Romance.

    That being said one of my very favorite scents of all time that I got compliments on from almost everyone was made in the 1980's. It was part of the EA Spa Bath and Body Collection which was really ahead of its time. It consisted of four different suites of fragrances. My favorite was
    Exhilarators which was constantly sold out. In a short time the whole collection was replaced with Sunflowers which was not to my liking. My favorite just disappeared. I looked and looked for something similar. Nobody could Identify the note that made this unique. Fast forward 20 years or so. I discovered Illuminum Rose Oud is very similar to EA Exhilarators and I love it. Was EA using oud all that long ago before it was so popular? I think the EA brand use to come up with some great innovative things. But now they are IFF by any other name and go for safe things that will sell big. They are no longer considered a luxury brand for cosmetics and I don't see anything innovative in their fragrance line. That is very disappointing to me.

    Okay, I'll be quiet now. Sorry for the long rant. You just happen to pick a subject I am passionate about as at one time they were one of my go to brands and now their not. I miss them sometimes. Really glad you brought this up.
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