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    Default Layering Black March

    Looking for some advice.

    I recently purchased a sample of Black March by CB I Hate Perfume. I absolutely love it but I have the same issue as a number of others: would I wear it? I can see it being a fragrance I wear around the house just to smell on myself. So i was thinking about layering it with something else, however I don't have a lot of experience with layering fragrances. I only have a 2ml sample and don't want to waste it creating rancid concoctions with my lack of layering experience, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

    I have the following available:

    Hermès - Un Jardin sur le Nil
    Hermès - Eau de Pamplemousse Rose
    Hermès - Eau d'Orange Verte
    Lacoste - Style in Play
    Chanel - Egoiste
    Aramis - Havana
    Czech and Speake - Cuba
    Creed - GIT
    Acqua di Parma - Fico di Amalfi

    Any other suggestions are welcome though as I'd really like to justify buying a bottle of this stuff. I also picked up a sample of CBIHP - Tea/Rose at the same time which I thought might work well but I'm concerned it's a little too feminine.

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    Default Re: Layering Black March

    Hi & welcome, HRLQN

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    Default Re: Layering Black March

    er tough call. I've smelled this one and worn it a few times. Boggy dirt with a little milk thrown in give or take. Maybe figs and dirt? so the AdP Fico. I'd probably pair it with something earthy or woody or green or incense, so say lavender, or cedar or galbanum, or light smoke/incense, etc
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