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    Default When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    May I get your advise? I was looking for a bottle of my favorite vintage perfume. I found one on ebay, and the seller says that it has been hers since the 70's . But it has a list of ingredients on the back of the can (can you guess what it is with that hint?) I thought that only recent reformulations of fragrance list ingredients. Am I being conned? Thanks!

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    Default Re: When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    I don't know about your perfume in a can but I know that Chanel put a short list of ingredients on their box in 1998 and a long list starting in 2005. As far as ebay sellers go, sometimes they know nothing--I inquired about how old a bottle of Dune was, and was told that it was late '70s-early '80s. Dune wasn't introduced until 1991. I didn't bid on it.

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    Default Re: When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    Thanks for your imput. I really don't think that a can of Rive Gauche from 79 would list ingredients. I'm finding that the term "vintage" is used pretty liberally on ebay.

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    Default Re: When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    I remember seeing a minimal list of ingredients back in the 60s and 70s on boxes of some fragrances but nothing like today.
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    Default Re: When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    Guerlain way back just put parfum, alcohol,aqua on their boxes in the 80s and earlier. I believe it was in the 90s that the EU told the cosmetics companies to put an ingredient list and use by date as in the 24 hours etc. Chanel fought this one for some reason and lost.

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    Default Re: When did perfumes start listing ingredients?

    I think towards the early nineties the ingredients list got more detailed.

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