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    Exclamation Charles Jourdan Votre

    I was lucky enough to find a bottle of this recently.
    I am posting this on the male forum because although it's a female fragrance I think it's wearable for a man - in the same way Lucca Turin thinks "1000" can also be worn by men.
    I think Votre is the most incredibly beautiful jasmine based floral I have ever encountered.
    It is so complex, yet perfectly balanced. Rose is in there too and on fragrantica voters find the rose more dominant than the jasmine. I find it to be the reverse....whatever - the perfection of blending in this creation is stunning.There's also a most beautiful tilleul/ lime blossom note, (although not listed) which balances perfectly with the other florals. Smoky sandalwood hovering in the background adds the finishing touch to this masterpiece.
    I make no connection, as others do, to Infini or to Jontue which I both have in my collection, but I do see a likeness to Omar Sharif Pour Femme. However I find Votre far superior. Fantastic silliage and longevity.
    Extremely high quality ingredients, perfectly bended are what you get with this fragrance.
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    Default Re: Charles Jourdan Votre

    Thanks for posting, David - anything with lime blossom must be interesting imo

    Yay - there was one on Ebay...
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    Default Re: Charles Jourdan Votre

    nice report david ...
    when i see it next , I will get for me & my pretty lady to enjoy !

    much respect to the house of Jourdan !
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    Default Re: Charles Jourdan Votre

    A few sources seem to think that this was composed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac.
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    Default Re: Charles Jourdan Votre

    I have a small bottle of Votre which I've been eking out for the last few years. A very pretty floral with some subtle green notes. I see the resemblance to Jontue but that fragrance has much warmer mid and base notes. Votre way outclasses it in general. I don't see any comparison that can be made with Infini. I wore Infini for many years in different formulations and cherished it for that sharp, metallic aldehyde it possessed. Votre has sharpness but is not spiky, more like a very expertly pressed corner in a collar or handkerchief. I believe Votre came in extrait form at one time - what I wouldn't give to have a bottle!

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