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    Default CREED - Iris Tuberose

    by far the most feminine of the new Acqua line from Creed, this is an absolute ode to iris accord. fortunately, unlike most other iris scents, this avoids (by far) the "old-woman" vibe. credit the tuberose.

    i've always considered tuberose to be the young woman's rose. and in this fragrance it definitely keeps things fresh and playful. this is iris for the under-40 crowd. but that's not to say it's not a strong floral scent, which it is. but it is couched in a creamy, soapy base that makes it very much a scent that would work well when staying at the beach.

    DEFINITELY the most aptly named of the bunch, if you like Iris and Tuberose, check this out (for you or your lady). if not, there's no secret here that will blow you away.

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    Default Re: CREED - Iris Tuberose

    It's like you're going out of your way to make sure that no 'old ladies' wear this.
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    Default Re: CREED - Iris Tuberose

    *Old ladies* have better taste anyhows...
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    Default Re: CREED - Iris Tuberose

    Hmm, no comment

    On second thoughts, as there's an existing thread about the Acqua line this one is superfluous.
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