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    Default Creed Layering 2014 (Women & Men are welcomed)

    Hello everyone,

    The summer is approaching soon, and this thread is geared to see opinions & get potential discussion on Creed Layering.

    While it can be said not many people like to take a curious journey on layering; Recently I had time to dabble around my Creed collection to sniff out what could be paired with one another. I have learned that "Santal Imperial" worked very well with "Jardin d'Amalfi".

    Unexplainable, but in one word to say: Heavenly.

    If you have a moment feel free to comment or add your opinions....

    Currently wearing: Spice and Wood by Creed

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    Default Re: Creed Layering 2014 (Women & Men are welcomed)

    Personally never layered any creed fragrances. Interested to hear from others.

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