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    Default Hi, I am new here

    Hi I am Matt, I am new here, been lurking for many many months, I am in love with all aftershaves and hope to be a frequent poster here.

    First question, I am looking for recommendations on a couple of niche aftershaves.

    I want something fresh, long lasting and a compliment getter, I am currently looking at Xerjoff Kobe or Xerjoff More Than Words, I also enjoy 1725 and Vetiver Babylon from the samples I had.

    I own FP - GpM as my current fresh fragrance, I also own Cedrat Boise and Aventus.

    I will be posting reviews soon.
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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here

    Welcome to you! Vetiver Babylone is indeed very nice. If you like that, perhaps you might consider getting yourself a bottle of that.
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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here


    For a superfresh spritz, my vote goes for Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire. In general, i think vetivers are perfect if one wants long lasting fresh.


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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here

    Welcome aboard.

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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here

    Hi there and enjoy your time here.
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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here

    Welcome! A few more possible suggestions in the niche department, if these fragrances are also obtainable as aftershaves: Xerjoff Nio, Penhaligons Endymion, Rance Le Vainqueur.

    Would also suggest sampling more extensively, in order to increase the possibility of finding the right fragrances, the following houses/lines: CDG, Etro, the Blu Mediterraneo but also the Collezione Barbiere line, the latter two by Acqua di Parma, as well as most designer (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Armani etc.) exclusives.
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    Default Re: Hi, I am new here

    Hello buddy
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