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    Default - great site in Canada

    Hi all,

    I thought I would share a positive experience with a Canadian fragrance website.

    I ordered 2 bottles of Bvlgari Black, a bottle of YSL Rive Gauche and a bottle of YSL Body Kouros from on July 1st.
    I got an automated order confirmation right after I made the purchase.

    Early morning of July 2nd I got a shipping confirmation email and got my shipment in the mail yesterday, July 3rd.
    Granted they are in Scarborough and I am in Ottawa but that was really fast.

    All bottles are legit, in the original boxes and original wrapping.
    There prices are pretty good and the have a fair amount of discontinued frags.

    I'll be ordering from them again for sure.
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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Hey - thanks for this. I checked them out. They got some good prices and some niche stuff including Creed, Costume National, and Comme des Garcons. I just sent them an email about the lot numbers for their Creed products and awaiting to hear back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, a guy got back to me within an hour on a Sunday which supposedly isn't a work day so I'm impressed with a few photos. The lot number of their Creed Green Irish Tweed is A3213T01 which is a really great batch according to a few online reviews. Placed my order. There's one left in case anyone was interested.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Thanks for the info.
    Beauty is in the nose of the beholder.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    These folks at are great. I've place 2 orders with them, Prompt shipping and questions asked and answered pronto.
    Prices are very good with a good selection.
    I'll be buying from them again for sure

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    I've dealt with them a few times now, very good.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Just finished my third order with them and it's been exceptional every time. Their Creeds are authentic and fresh batches. The Imperial I bought lasts for ages compared to the mere few hours I used to get from my older bottle.

    I also noticed recently they started to carry a few Bond No. 9 scents including New Haarlem.

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