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    Default - great site in Canada

    Hi all,

    I thought I would share a positive experience with a Canadian fragrance website.

    I ordered 2 bottles of Bvlgari Black, a bottle of YSL Rive Gauche and a bottle of YSL Body Kouros from on July 1st.
    I got an automated order confirmation right after I made the purchase.

    Early morning of July 2nd I got a shipping confirmation email and got my shipment in the mail yesterday, July 3rd.
    Granted they are in Scarborough and I am in Ottawa but that was really fast.

    All bottles are legit, in the original boxes and original wrapping.
    There prices are pretty good and the have a fair amount of discontinued frags.

    I'll be ordering from them again for sure.
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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Hey - thanks for this. I checked them out. They got some good prices and some niche stuff including Creed, Costume National, and Comme des Garcons. I just sent them an email about the lot numbers for their Creed products and awaiting to hear back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, a guy got back to me within an hour on a Sunday which supposedly isn't a work day so I'm impressed with a few photos. The lot number of their Creed Green Irish Tweed is A3213T01 which is a really great batch according to a few online reviews. Placed my order. There's one left in case anyone was interested.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Thanks for the info.
    Beauty is in the nose of the beholder.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    These folks at are great. I've place 2 orders with them, Prompt shipping and questions asked and answered pronto.
    Prices are very good with a good selection.
    I'll be buying from them again for sure

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    I've dealt with them a few times now, very good.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Just finished my third order with them and it's been exceptional every time. Their Creeds are authentic and fresh batches. The Imperial I bought lasts for ages compared to the mere few hours I used to get from my older bottle.

    I also noticed recently they started to carry a few Bond No. 9 scents including New Haarlem.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Just purchased a few cheapies from them as I wanted to take advantage of their 1 year anniversary sale!

    They also had a promotion going where if you purchased five items or more you were entitled to free shipping. I placed my order and the next day had to take one of the bottles off. They did so without a fuss and even let me keep my free shipping! Not only that but I received my fragrances within the same business week!

    Very impressed, will certainly be purchasing more products from them.

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    Default Re: - great site in Canada

    Good to hear.
    Their customer service is amazing and I've bought from them about 10 times now.
    Everything is legit and well packaged.

    When buying any fragrance I look to them first every time.
    A gem here in Canada for sure.

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