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    Default Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    According to a friend, Laboratorio Olfattivo is now available at a new shopping center in Bangkok.


    Laboratorio Olfattivo is a really new niche house from Italy, founded on 2010 in Rome.

    The line seems really interesting.

    What is your opinion on this line ? Do you have any recommendations ?
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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    Kashnoir (which Masque's "Tango" fans may enjoy), Decou-vert, Alambar and Daimiris are the nicest to me. To avoid: Salina.

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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    I've tried a few. They're OK. Nothing special IMO.
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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    Only tried one, Nirmal, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    Daimiris for instance is an interesting scent.
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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    Daimiris if you like smoky / leathery powder in the same vein as Parfumerie Generale's Cuir D'Iris. Kashnoir for a thick old-school oriental with subtle indolic twists. These two would be my picks. If you like lighter stuff, you might also want to give a chance to Esvedra (by perfumer Pierre Guillame). An hyper-modern vetiver with interesting facets. Personally I found it a bit too week but the accords are pretty nice.

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    Default Re: Laboratorio Olfattivo ?

    Noblige is one of my favorite fragrances. Especially for spring. Nothing revolutionary, just a really well done powdery citrus lavender with a nice ambrette dry down. So easy to wear.

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