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    This is confusing note for me.
    I have associated it with Women in stories, books, and legends, but it is used more often in Male frags than Female.
    That being said, I recently tried Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica. It's initial blast of Lavender is perfect.....not too soft and flowery and not too antiseptic. The dry down is wonderful too with a little vanilla and maybe a little musk? Not sure, but it has some magic for me.
    Anyone know of a similar scent that has some staying power? The closest I have found is Odori's Spigo. It is nice but lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

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    Default Re: Lavender

    Perhaps Lavande by Molinard
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    My favorite lavender scent is Creed Royal Scottish Lavender. It has very good longevity, but it has been discontinued. But if somehow you happen to spot it somewhere, give it a try.

    If you are looking for a lavender with a little something extra, I would recommend Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande. Incense provides a bit of depth and mystery to the lavender. Excellent scent, but sadly, not cheap. But a must-try if you are really seeking out some good lavender scents with some character.
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    Default Re: Lavender

    Gris Clair - Serge Lutens (ashy lavender)

    Another recent very good lavender is Rania J's Lavande 44.
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    Histoires de Parfums 1725 has a wonderful lavender note amped up by licorice and star anise and then smoothed out with milky almond and sweet vanilla.

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    Lavender can either smell more floral or more herbal, it seems to depend on how the scent was extracted from the plant.

    As for Lavender, Vanilla and Musk in a long lasting package, then the obvious is Caron Pour Un Homme, and if you want something more musky and complex, Mauboussin Homme.

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    Try House of Matriarch Epiphany: One of the most beautiful and soothing scents i have tried this year and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of lavender scents at all. And yes it has tons of lavender in it but i love it.
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    The sturdy affordable English Lavender by Yardley is in my opinion quite unisex and not excessively floral not sweet, rather the soapy. astringent, almost herbal type of lavender.

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    I think lavender palm was discontinued. It's one of the best I've ever smelled creeds Royal Scottish Lavender is great, but not very modern. I have a hard time wearing it. As for something you can actually find, Lavandula by penhaligons is a great lavender/vanilla combo
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    I don't think Lavanda Tonica by Acqua di Parma gets discussed enough - I adore that stuff & have already gone through 2 bottles, shower gel and assorted body products. I was actually considering buying another bottle.

    IMO none of the recommendations above (well except for the Yardley) smell like Lavanda Tonica - yes they're great lavender scents but they all have such different structures and accords.

    If I were you I would look for more simple, straightforward lavender scents, since that is how the AdP is.

    Please try Caldey Island Lavender Water, vintage Lavender by Crabtree & Evelyn (if you can find it) or Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake (if you like mint)
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    Encens et Lavande by Serge Lutens plus Lanuite del homme by Ysl and of course LeMale 1995 are my favorites
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    Lavender is one of my favorite notes, and if you like lavender-Vanilla combinations there's a lot of great ones with good-to-excellent longevity out there.

    I'll second andym72's suggestion of Caron's classic Pour un Homme (amazing fragrance - can't go wrong!), but you might also want to check out its boozier and more experimental (and far more expensive) little brother, By Kilian's A Taste of Heaven. Other amazing takes on a lavender-vanilla combo are Malle's Musc Ravageur and even Dior's super-spicy Eau Noire.
    Another fantastic classic is, of course, Guerlain's Mouchoir de Monsieur - and if you really want to treat yourself to the very best present-day interpretation of this genre, nothing beats the quality (and exorbitant pricepoint) of MDCI's masterpiece Invasion Barbare.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions!
    I own 1725 and Musc Ravageur....have smelled Gris Clair and Invasion Barbare, and a Taste of Heaven. None of these are really close to what I get out of Lavanda.
    Le male and La Nuit by YSL and Eau Noire are all going in a really different direction.
    Maybe my Vanilla reference took this down the wrong path. I'm not really certain what those brilliant Italians put into the concoction, but it is slightly exhilarating and very comforting at the same time.
    Had a search out for aldrey Island(spilled liquid on keyboard.....1 letter will not work), but never found it.
    Will try again!

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    I love lavender and have a bunch of lavender fragrances, Lavanda Tonica is very soft, I think there is a good bit of rose in it as well, it's got a pot-pourri thing going on sometimes. Lavender is so fleeting it's nearly impossible to find a long lasting version, Caron turns into very sweet vanilla, as do some others. I think the best all around lavender is Czech & Speake, Oxford & Cambridge, but even that is no great shakes for longevity. Geo Trumper's lavender water lasts quite a long time on me, one of the better pure lavender fragrances out there. Also, you can go the route of Agua Lavanda by Puig and use liberally as it's cheap, fantastic mossy lavender. Don't spend too much effort looking for Caldey Island as they don't ship overseas anymore, and it only lasts 15 minutes anyway, but it's lovely.

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    My favorite lavender of all time is Patou pour Homme Prive (good luck finding it!), Arome 3, Caldey Island, Jicky/Monsieur de Monsieur, and Royal Scottish Lavender. Even some barbershop fragrances like Atkinson's lavender are quite nice.

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    Default Re: Lavender

    Another to sample may be Santa Maria Novella's Lavanda Ambrata.
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    Default Re: Lavender


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    Default Re: Lavender

    AQUA LAVANDA by Puig used to be sold by 25 oz plastic bottles.... it is edc but worth by all means.
    REVERIE EAU JARDIN by Tauer is another good one that deserves to be mentioned.
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