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    Default Purchasing Ideas

    My Kids gave me 150$ limit for cologne for my birthday on 11 July. So I'm looking at getting something but have no idea, I want something of the Niche flavor. And I'm thinking of something on fragrance net, any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Maybe for the summer: Heeley Coccobello
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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    So many potential answers - any chance of a few pointers as to what type of scent you like?

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Put on some extra cash, and buy Amouage Memoir.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Dior Homme
    Dior Homme Sport.

    I wish I could advice some Chanels but not at fragrancenet.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas


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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Choose any random scent. Any suggestions we give you will be our opinion of what's nice and no different from throwing a dart at a wall.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    +1 for Aventus
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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Creed Virgin Island Water
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    1. Creed - Spice & Wood
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    3. Dior - Vetiver
    4. Clive Christian - 1872 for Men
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    6. Ermenegildo Zegna - Javanese Patchouli
    7. Les Nez - Turtle Vetiver Back
    8. Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver EDP
    9. Creed - Green Valley
    10. Parfumerie Generale - Grand Siecle Intense 7.1

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Awakening950 View Post
    Choose any random scent. Any suggestions we give you will be our opinion of what's nice and no different from throwing a dart at a wall.
    Yeah a little more info would be good. What do you like and/or want? Where will you be wearing it?

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    I would pay extra money and go for Aventus or maybe a By Kilian at luckyscent?

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    I suggest getting into splits for niche - buying (& blowing) all 150 on 1 niche is not my preference (that's when you are new to basenotes). There's normally a 21% discount coupon available for fragrancenet, do use that. Also, suggest you register to ebates & shop for fragrancenet from there - you will get an additional 6% cashback.

    As for suggestions:
    Vetiver - Encre Noire
    Citrus - Monsieur Balmain
    Fall / winter / cold - For the reminder which is about $80 odd, I suggest buying a bottle of any Aoud's from Montale - price after disc will be around 91. Or any one from Serge Lutens will work well too instead of the Montale.

    So you exceed your budget by 10-15 if you go with the above 3, which will be made up with the cash back from ebates. Of course, the first 2 suggested are not really niche, but they serve the purpose & are excellent fragrances in their own right.
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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Maybe for the summer: Heeley Coccobello
    Excellent recommendation!

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Without knowing your preferences; for $150, I would say Chergui + Ambre Sultan OR Serge Noire.

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    7/11 is my Mum's b-day too. She's probably got a few years on you though. Anyway, I spent much of that day with her and remember wearing some Villoresi - Uomo. So, yeah, get that one!
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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    So much stuff to choose from. From fresh to warm. And the budget is quite high, you can get most brand, except the most expensive ones. I'll toss off a couple of ideas:
    fresh/summer: CDG2 man (lemony incense)
    Warm/winter: Lubin Idole

    Not sure fragrance net is the best for niche.


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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    I would also suggest adding a few dollars and buy qn Amouage. Memoir man, Memoir woman or Epic man. Can't really beat the prices now for an Amouage.
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    5. Russian Tea Ritual by Masque (20 wears)
    6. Fate Man by Amouage (19 wears)

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    Default Re: Purchasing Ideas

    Add a few more bucks and get Aventus. See what all the fuss is about

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