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    Default Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Hello, I want buy a Chanel NO.5 parfum extrait for my girlfriend, and there are a lot of people saying that new ones are not even close to the old-vintage ones (do you think it is true?). So Im trying to buy a vitange one and found a few on ebay.

    Does anyone have experience with buying it on ebay? dont want to spend that much money on fake.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Honestly, i would NEVER EVER buy a Chanel fragrance on EBAY. I know you want a vintage but, a lot of them smell horrible bc they have not been stored properly. I would, without a doubt, just go to and buy it from them. I have bought a lot of fragrances from and their fragrances are always wonderfully fresh stock and their customer service is the best i have ever experienced anywhere. Plus, they can gift wrap it for you too and it will look beautiful, she will love it.

    eBay also has many fakes too. I think most of the experienced BN'ers would agree, by experienced i mean those who purchase, trade, or sell a lot.
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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Chanel No5 is one of the most faked on ebay.

    One well known seller, actually buys empty vintage bottles and refills with who knows what and sells on. He has about four or five accounts under different names. Makeupally perfume forum play spot R and who is he this time.

    Now saying that I did once buy from the US a bottle of No22 edt. Which apart from being around £20+ turned out to be from the 80s!!!! It was the real thing has the hidden serial number on the bottle etc and verified by a Chanel manager. But that was like finding a live Do Do bird. LOL
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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    I concur with the other BNers. It is very difficult to buy Chanel on ebay. One has to know what one is doing, and even so, it is very risky. Besides, even if not fake, a vintage perfume can go bad.

    So I don't think you should try to gamble with vintage no 5. In any case, the current extrait is still very good, I wouldn't say it has been totally ruined by regulations on chemical substances. Perhaps it has lost some of the jasmine in the heart, but for the rest, it's still excellent, supercrisp, floral, and long lasting. So I'd just buy the current extrait from regular sources like the chanel website or certain high end det stores.


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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Thank you very much for all answers! I know it is a risky thing to do, but the seller has a lot of positive feedbacks and parfumes are supposed to be stored very good, package is still sealed so the bottle has never been exposed to a direct light. I will consider all your answers and decide soon, if I do order it, I will let you know how it goes.

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Sealed-in-box bottles can deteriorate as well. Estate items are often stored improperly-- in garages etc. I bought a sealed bottle (of another scent) that had spoiled.

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Somewhere I read (L. Turin and T. Sanchez, I think...) that Chanel has done a really good job of preserving the quality of their fragrances, despite restrictions. They compared old and new No. 5 side-by-side and gave a favorable review. I don't know if it was the extrait or not, and I'm not at home so I can't look it up.

    Unless I'm confusing different reviews, which is possible.

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    Default Re: Chanel no.5 extrait vintage from ebay

    Ebay can be a gamble for sure, and more importantly, make sure she's into old school/classic perfumes.

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