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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    overrated cheapie soul!

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    I own and like Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and Mugler Cologne. I am not a big fan of Havane (too sweet/cough syrupy) and despise the original A*Men (Pure Tar/Patchouli).
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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    I'm a big fan, and my favorite at the moment is probably Pure Havane and Pure Malt. The performance is outstanding, but I agree that the bottle design leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    Pure Havane is a must have.
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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    Only Mugler cologne for me, the others make me feel sick

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    I found that Macy's carried a few Mugler fragrances, so I went ahead and bought Mugler cologne as well as Angel men. A friend of mine has Pure malt already as well as pure shot, so we got together and I sampled all of them

    Mugler Cologne - Very nice, As described, I got a soapy fresh scent, which was very inoffensive, I will probably make this my work fragrance, I would be amazed at anyone being offended by it

    Pure shot - Honestly not impressed, minty, but I could have sworn that I smelled this in a shower gel, or maybe a cheap deodorant. I could not see myself spending that much on it. It is however not a "bad" fragrance, just not something I could think of spending that much on

    Pure Malt- A really nice fragrance, I think I maybe got a note of whisky, but at the same time there was a nice sweetness to the fragrance, It seems quite strong too, which is a plus
    Angel Men- I did not like this fragrance, There is a really annoying top almost tar like?, I waited a while but the tar note remained, with a slight undertone of a mix of lavender/ and a sugary sweet smell. I couldnt see myself wearing this that often
    Overall , I think the Mugler house seems a bit above average, as their colognes last a long time, however Pure shot could use some improvement.
    Thanks to everyone who replied !

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    I like Pure Havane but poor longevity keeps me from buying it.

    A Men smelled like TANG powdered fruit drink to my nose.

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    A*Men series is pretty good. The one I like the most and consider absolutely worth owning is the original Angel Men. Dont have much experience with Mugler Cologne, but from what I can tell its pretty indispensable for sizzling summer days, whereas original AMen is definitely a huge challenge in summer time.
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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    I tried the Mugler fragrances available at my local Macy's not too long ago. Mugler Cologne seemed like a fine fragrance, but I did not like the original Angel Men at all. That combination of tar and sweetness was not particularly pleasant. Pure Malt seemed okay, but I wasn't blown away. Also, I despise those rubber flasks. I understand why some people might like them, but they don't fit my style at all.

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    Default Re: Whats your opinion on Mugler fragrances?

    Generally I like Mugler's releases and my favorites are Pure Malt, Pure Havane, Taste of Fragrance, and B*Men. The original is ok but I have a hard time finding the appropriate time to wear it while Pure Leather is too boring for me. Still waiting to see how Pure Wood will turn out for me.

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