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    Default Versace or Armani ?


    Two fragrances, versace pour homme & acqua di gio, both of the same vein, both broadly classified under aquatic,
    If I'd have to narrow it down, id say that the Versace is an aromatic aquatic, something that makes you calm, probably
    What you could wear while meditating. The acqua di Gio on the other hand is almost a melon like/salty aquatic.

    Both have that "Wow" appeal to them and both are genuine people pleasers. Out of both of them, I've only had a bottle
    Of the Versace and it was just an amazing fragrance with average performance. I've only sampled the acqua di gio on a
    Few counts and remember liking the fragrance.

    I write this thread as I intend on investing in a 6.7oz/200ml bottle of an aquatic as after 2 years of being in this hobby, I've realised
    That the fact that I stay in India and due to it's ever humid weather(75-80%), my experiences with performance of a fragrance have never
    Been the same as the rest of the world when they write their reviews. I've finally concluded that the only fragrances that last on me are
    Of the "Aquatic" vein. The problem down here in India is that because of the heat being prevalent almost the whole year, people tend to
    Sweat a lot, drenching themselves at that time, which murders a fragrance. Aquatics on the other hand seem to survive the sweat attack
    And still be able to perform, giving you that "clean" sort of smell.

    So I look upon you all for advice, as to which one should I purchase that will help me succeed over humidity trying to foil my fragrance
    Journey !

    If you come from such a humid place as mine and have experiences with both of them, I would appreciate your comment.
    If your not from such a humid place, your comment is still welcome.

    I want to know how both compare in terms of projection, silage, longevity and compliments in their current formulations.

    I can purchase the Versace pour homme for 70$ and the acqua di gio for 85$.


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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    My suggestion would be to go with the Aqua Di Gio. Much better IMO.
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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    My suggestion would be to go with the Aqua Di Gio. Much better IMO.
    I like both, but I agree with this.
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    7. Les Nez - Turtle Vetiver Back
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    9. Creed - Green Valley
    10. Parfumerie Generale - Grand Siecle Intense 7.1

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    There's a 400 ml bottle of adg at belk comes with a free 50 ml spray bottle full too. I'm not too fond of adg but that humungous bottle is pretty cool

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    I am from S India, used to very hot temps, coupled with high humidity & severe pollution as well - a terrible factor for using cologne's. My recommendation - neither of your picks. From Armani, I'd suggest Acqua di Gio Essenza edp.

    Or, have a good read on these & buy splits on the expensive ones, will end up cheaper than buying FB & you'll have variety.

    Annick Goutal Hadrien Absolu edp.
    Malle's Bigarade Concentree
    Xerjoff Nio
    Profumum's Acqua Viva
    Malle's Geranium Pour Monsieur.
    Boucheron Pour Homme edp
    Vetiver Extraordinaire from Malle or Encre Noire) / Chanel sycomore / Dior Vetiver can be an alternatives too, but tough to beat Malle's VE.
    Guerlain Homme Intense

    I either own or have sampled each of these & will recommend them for the weather you have there.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Man, that's really a tough one to be honest. ADG was one of my signature scents for many years when it came out. I still have a lot of love for it, not only for the nostalgia but it's just a great fragrance that I've gone through many bottles, probably more than any other fragrance. Having said all that, though, I'm gonna pick Versace PH. It's more aromatic and less aquatic to me, not as ubiquitous as ADG, and more versatile IMO, and suits my current tastes better. It's a bit sweeter than ADG with tonka in the base, with ADG I get a fair amount of musk in the base. I get slightly better performance from ADG over Versace PH. They're both great, though, and if you've never owned a bottle of ADG then it's a great purchase.

    I do like ADG Essenza, which is more woods and less aquatic than the original, but for me longevity was horrible. One other fragrance to consider is Terre D'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche in a 4.2 oz bottle, a bit more pricey but is really made for the heat and just comes alive with your body temperature and ambient temperatures being on the higher side.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Easy choice for me. AdG. It IS better than the Versace.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Aqua di Gio out of the two.

    BTW, while I'm a noob in this field, but I highly suggest you check out Agua de Loewe El. In my, albeit very limited experience, with aquatic/citrus/fresh designer frags (AdG, VPH, Bvlgari Aqua, Chrome, etc.), El is a performance beast, beautiful scent too!

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Aqua di Gio to me smells better bit the Versace is also good with very good performance. I think either would suit your needs, go with what you like he smell of best.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Own and love both. I prefer the ADG. You cannot go wrong with either.


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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    VPH - best fresh fragrance on the market which is fairly cheap

    ADG is great but overplayed + overpriced

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    I'm from India too, OP. The Bangalore-Mysore region to be specific which has probably the most moderate climatic conditions in the country. But i have stayed in hot and humid Delhi and you can take it from me that both AdG and VPH get butchered in such wretched conditions.

    I own the following citrus/aquatics/'summer' frags : AdG, l'eu d'issey, AHS, AHS cologne, Allure edition Blance, Versace eau Fraiche and BdC (not really a summer frag). These are great in the summers of my place - never too hot, never too humid - but in very hot and humid conditions, say Delhi in June-July, their performance is all over the chart. AdG starts to smell kinda dirty-musky, l'eau d'issey gets suffocating, AHS gets cloying and BdC & AEB are simply out of the equation. I have tried VPH and it suffers the same fate. Gets cloying and kinda gets too floral.

    The best performers in these conditions, from my experience, are Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport and Versace eau Fraiche. (Coolwater performs superbly too but its common as dirt. Also, try out Azzaro Chrome and Bvlgari Aqva.)

    But if i am to choose from AdG and VPH on merit alone, its clearly AdG for me.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents" also Remember "Balance is everything and the key to appreciating "

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Acqua di Gio. Essenza if possible.
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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    I like Versace alot, and ADG but I dont wear these types too often...If I had to choose one or the other it would have to be ADG I guess. :P

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    This truly is a tough one, as both are fantastic summer frags and worth having! Personally, I like Versace PH just ever so slightly.(both in terms of smell and I get a little better performance out of it) I live in the high desert, which can get very hot during summer....but it's a very dry heat, so can't speak on the humidity issue.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Acqua di Gio.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    AdG. I like the Versace, but I do think it does smell like synthetic chemicals (but in a good way, as I do enjoy wearing it). Better yet, get the AdG Essenza. It has better performance.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Gio for me hands down...

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Thank you all for your replies my friends, I appreciate them all.

    Actually according to the price point and me testing them, both these
    Buys felt value for money to me, the Armani's a bit pricey though.

    The current version of Adg, how does it rank for you'll in terms of performance
    (Projection, longevity, silage) ?
    What's the least you've gotten out of it ?

    And more importantly, out of both, which one garners more compliments ?


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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Would have loved to buy the essenza but the minimal price it is available
    To me for is 130$, which i find is kind of pricey, that too for a 180 ml.

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Adg a best seller for a reason. Its better than vph but also more pedestrian

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Versace pour Homme
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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Versace PH

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    Versace PH, very subjectively of course. Got me noticed every time and I enjoy it much more

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    Default Re: Versace or Armani ?

    VPH. It's not the greatest, but certainly better than ADG, which I don't really care for.
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