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    Default Making fragrances for soap?

    I am almost a complete noob to actually making fragrances (I know a bit), but I am wondering if anyone has experience in making fragrances for soap. I am thinking about making some soap and want to make a somewhat good smelling fragrance for it .

    I believe that fragrances react differently in soap than by themselves. Does anyone have any tips on how to proceed in making a fragrance for soap?

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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    Have you queried soap maker forums?
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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    Soap is usually alkaline (pH above 7) and so some ingredients are not so stable. In general, with modern soap bases this shouldn't be such a problem. What you should be careful about is discolouration as many materials will discolour in soap. For example, Vanillin, Indole, Eugenol, and Cinnamic Aldehyde, all discolour. Citrus oils and Citral are not very good as they are not very stable. All soap fragrances need a big dose of aliphatic aldehydes (Aldehyde C10, C11 lenic, C11 undecylic, C12 laurie, C12 MNA); use much more than you would use for a skin fragrance.

    Soap fragrances need to have quite a lot of Base notes, to stay on skin after use. Other than that, it's up to you.

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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    Very interesting, David!

    Another issue Id think of is acceleration, which is something it may occur with some fragrances but honestly I dont know what are the materials responsible for that. Some fragrance oils retailers do specify if a specific fragrance is going to cause acceleration or not, but making ones own soap fragrances is definitely going to be much more challenging, good luck with your project, Willanhanyard!

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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    If you're wanting to make a traditional lye soap, research hot process soap making. From what I understand that will neutralize the ph levels before you add the scents. The fragrance is added at the end once its cooled below the required flash points but before it sets.

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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    Quote Originally Posted by pkiler View Post
    Have you queried soap maker forums?
    Best advice to start with.

    The fragrant raw material you can use (successfully) depends greatly on the process you choose.
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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    As jmcdowell said, hot process soap tends to be much more forgiving on fragrances. Cold process soap can really kill the scent, as the lye reacts with phenols, acids and certain esters. If you use the cold process then you need to choose your fragrances more carefully. Unless you make cold process liquid soap, where the fragrance can be added after the curing stage. Another possibility is to make synthetic detergent (syndet) bars, which don't call for the use of any lye and which have a more neutral pH.
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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    The way to make a good Soap fragrance, is to start off being able to make a good Fragrance. All Fragrances are the same; a mixture of chemicals that smell. When you start putting that Fragrance into another product you need to know what works in that product. The more aggressive the end product, the harder it is to fragrance it. Only by understanding the ingredients that go into making a fragrance will you be able to make what you want.

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    Default Re: Making fragrances for soap?

    Well put, David. Pages 100 to 105 of the 'Perfumes and Flavours Technology Handbook' mention some of the challenges involved when perfuming soaps:
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