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    I found the scent of Shangralide to be substantially Galaxolide-like in terms of laundry aspect but with an interesting and substantial animalic aspect of about equal power. I didn't find the odor intensity to be much different from Galaxolide or various other musks. Perhaps a little higher than Galaxolide, but I didn't do any specific testing.

    It's been posted that Shangralide tests as 100% Galaxolide on GC/MS, but it's listed as being a mixture by IFF. So apparently it has some trace-component material added which accounts for its difference from Galaxolide.

    My wife had quite a different impression of Shangralide than I did. To her the "stench was horrible" and the odor intensity was far beyond that of Galaxolide. Her visceral reaction, facial expressions etc showed a much more abhorrent personal response to it than to any other aromachemical she's ever tried. Wow did she hate this one. In contrast, no other musk has ever been disliked by her. Some other musks she's thought to smell too powdery perhaps, or too much like laundry, but were not disliked.

    It seems likely she is a high responder to whatever material is added to Shangralide, while I might be an average responder or even a low responder, as I do still substantially pick up Galaxolide. It would be interesting and perhaps useful to learn how common variation is in perception of Shangralide.
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    One of my favourite smells, a good attempt by IFF to copy proper Musk tincture. So clever that it is pretty well 100.0% Galaxolide and yet smells so very different. I have no idea what little touches were added to make Shangralide, but I wish I knew.

    I don't find it especially strong, although I think it stronger than Galaxolide. As your wife reacts so strongly to it, it could be that Shangralide contains something like Aldron. I have seen, only women, react in such a way to that type of material..

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    I have a similar thought on whatever is added: I wish IFF would release it or them individually rather than force Galaxolide to go along with them in a given proportion, but perhaps they are captives.

    Whether it is Aldron or instead something like it, as Aldron is Symrise, or something else entirely, from this lead you provided I'll try Aldron in a future order from PSH. Even if, as is likely, it only might be a similar odor rather than the same or even close material, that will be interesting and perhaps useful to try. Thank you, David!
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    Aldron is a strange material. I can hardly smell it, at any dilution; just a vague woody, slightly sweaty note. I have seen several women react in the way you said your wife did. A look of utter disgust, one had to leave the room. You be careful when you get your sample.

    I'm sure Shangralide doesn't contain Aldron but I bet it is something similar.

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    Sorry to bump an old thread. I was just reading through the single notes explorations and came across this. To me, Shangralide smells somewhat like halitosis or some type of weird body odor. I've smelled this same aroma before on people, but it wasn't very often. You do get the deer musk aspect if you apply it to the skin and let it dry down though. I get absolutely no laundry-aspect from it though.

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