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    Default Gris Clair on fabric

    Any of you guys had already tried spraying Serge Lutens Gris Clair on your clothes, on fabric? It performs really great.

    I already loved this juice, but sometimes I wish it was a bit less sweet. So, after I have bought a full bottle and used some few times, I noticed it perfoming really great on clothes, exhaling like crazy, also making the lavender and incense/ash notes more prominent and the tonka more restrained.

    And it really exhales like crazy, much more than on skin (though the scent itself is never agressive).

    I think the lovers of Invasion Barbare, Satorial and those alike might also like this one, specially on fabric.

    Any owners of this one can make this test and tell us your experience as well?

    PS: what other fragrances you guys think it performs great of clothes?

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    Default Re: Gris Clair on fabric

    I get great performance from Gris Clair on my skin, so I don't feel the need to spray my clothes with this one. Besides, I think this fragrance smells better the longer you wear it. I really like it when the vanilla and subtle incense start to kick in.

    To me, the first 10-15 minutes after applying Gris Clair are a little rough. The lavender is really bright as it is, but in the opening, it's accompanied by an herbal-like accord. This makes the scent pretty loud and almost annoying, but it starts to mellow out pretty quickly. I think spraying clothes would just prolong this introduction.

    Side note. This smells a lot like the heart of Sartorial. I wasn't the biggest fan of Sartorial, but that's only because I didn't like the ginger and metallic notes at the top. This does not have that, and it also doesn't get powdery like Sartorial.

    This is probably the most underrated scent I own in my collection. Definitely a hidden gem. Glad I have a bottle now.

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    Default Re: Gris Clair on fabric

    I will try it next time I wear it.

    Although, personally, I wear several different scents in one day. So if I spray my clothes, then my scent that I apply in the afternoon will clash with the smell of my clothes.
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    Default Re: Gris Clair on fabric

    What's it like on a white shirt? Stainwise

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    Default Re: Gris Clair on fabric

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    What's it like on a white shirt? Stainwise
    You don't need to spray it too close, though I've sprayed on white and other bright colors clothes and it didn't stained.

    If anyone's interested, try spraying on any piece of fabric (it doesn't need to a shirt), and leave it in your room. You'll smell it's sillage everytime you come near. It's just fabulous.

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