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    Default Fall/Winter Fragances

    Hello everybody while summer is heading in to his ending aroumd here in the nortwest I starting to think in some good fragances with good lasting power and sillage for this next fall/winter season I been smelling in testing some fragances from Montales, YSL (Kouros), Divine, and a few others , any suggestions on winter/fall fragances well appreciated Thnks to all.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    I'm looking forward to the change in season too. There are many that I could recommend but I'll plug my old favourite - give Paul Smith 'London' a try. Made for cooler temperatures in my opinion and also cheap (that's if it's still available). Failing that, its namesake by Tom Ford is one that I've come to appreciate a lot more since it's debut last autumn. Looking forward to pulling this one out again too.
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Gucci Pour Homme I. Great winter fragrance. Yes, it can still be found.
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    YSL Body Kouros
    Givenchy Play Intense
    24 Gold
    Lalique Avant Garde
    Dirty English
    Animale Animale

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Hermes Ambre Narguile


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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Black Aoud, Kyoto, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    I am planning to soon enjoy my fall staples - Burberry's London and Brit, DHI, Lanvin Avantgarde and MJ Legend among others.
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Quote Originally Posted by noideawhatimsaying View Post
    Hermes Ambre Narguile
    I just picked this up on a recent trip, so looking forward to trying your recommendation!

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Quote Originally Posted by Davem81 View Post
    I just picked this up on a recent trip, so looking forward to trying your recommendation!
    It's phenomenal. let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Burberry London
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Oh, the list just goes on forever. Just to disclose a bias, this list skews more towards winter.

    Amouage Reflection Man
    Bulgari Black
    Burberry Brit
    Cartier Oud & Musc
    Cartier Must Pour Homme if you can find it
    Cartier Pasha Edition Noir
    Cartier Santos
    Cartier Treizieme Heure
    Chanel Coromandel
    Comme Des Garcons 2 Man
    Etro Ambra
    Gaultier 2
    Gucci Pour Homme 2003 if you can find it
    Dior Ambre Nuit
    Dior Leather Oud
    Dior Oud Ispahan
    Frederick Malle Musc Ravageur
    Givenchy Pi
    Guerlain Spiritueuese Double Vanille
    Guerlain Tonka Imperiale
    Hermes Rocabar
    Perris Bois d'Oud
    Robert Piguet Oud
    Serge Lutens Chergui
    Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Havane
    Tom Ford For Men
    Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    Tom Ford Oud Wood
    Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    August - October:
    RL Safari for men
    Tom Ford for men
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza
    Aramis Tuscany pour homme
    Hermes Bel Ami
    Bulgari Man Extreme

    November - February
    Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
    RL Polo Green
    Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea
    Aramis Havana
    Tom Ford Extreme
    Slumberhouse Jeke
    Slumberhouse Norne
    PureDistance M
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    YSL Jazz
    Hermes Equipage
    Sonoma Scent Studio Fireside
    Tom Ford Italian Cypress
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Well if you have a Honda budget, 24 Gold, Jordan Legend, Animale Animale
    a Lexus budget, Pure Malt, Dior Homme Intense, Le Male (the possibilities are almost overwhelming here)
    Rolls Royce(ok, you don't really have to own one but you get my drift), Ambre Narguile, Double Vanille,
    Musc Ravageur, both/either Oud scents from Dior, & many fragrances from Montale work well

    Happy Searching
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Amouage Fate man
    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    Creed Original Santal

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Fall :
    Narciso Rodriguez EDt
    Narciso Rodriguez Musc edp
    Terre d'hermes Parfum
    Robert Piguet Casbah

    24 Gold
    Serge Noire
    Montale Aoud & Pine
    Slumberhouse Ore
    Dior Homme Intense
    Ambre Sultan

    Many others to list....
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    (Note: I accidentally posted this in the wrong category (sorry guys!), so feel free to skip this post if you're looking specifically for men's fragrances. The following are for women (though #2 I would consider unisex). Cheers!)

    Top 5 Fall Fragrances:

    5. Nest - Amazon Lily
    4. Balenciaga - Florabotanica
    3. Nest - White Sandalwood
    2. Tokyomilk Dark - Bulletproof
    1. Burberry - London

    These are reviewed on my YouTube channel if you're interested. Search for PechaDee on YouTube and you'll find it "Top 5 Favourite Fall Fragrances 2014 Reviewed".
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Perhaps also Fahrenheit Absolute, TDH EDP, Jaipur Homme EDP.
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Angel Men! Somebody had to say it.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Spice and Wood by Creed (perfect for fall)
    Vetiver Geranium by Creed (perfect for fall)
    Royal Oud by Creed (not a fan but a good scent for the season)
    Aventus is good for fall and would probably work for winter
    Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford
    +1 Safari by Ralph Lauren (perfect for fall)
    Straight to Heaven by Kilian
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Fragances

    Van Cleef & Arpels - Midnight in Paris EDP - Soft leather
    Gucci - Pour Homme 2003 - Incense and cedar with a pinch of ginger (getting more of this before its gone for good)
    Comme des Garcons - Wonderwood - A cocktail of wood shavings.
    Pal Zileri - Sartoriale - Sandalwood, spice, violet leaf. My winter workhorse
    Michael Kors - Michael for Men - Fruity tobacco
    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - Santal Noble - Classy Sandalwood & Amber
    Pal Zileri - Viaggio d'Africa - a warm mix of Vetiver and Tonka Beans with a pinch of incense in there
    Legendary Fragrances - Barista - Coffee shop in a bottle. Thick, rich, warm
    Bentley for Men - Intense - Boozy wood, incense and leather. Similar, but sweeter than Gucci Pour Homme 2003
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